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i am not one who likes to write reviews on new products, however i thought this one deserves a great review.

I was fortunate enough to get a copy for Christmas of the Morning sun book entitled "TANK CAR COLOR GUIDE, VOLUME ONE". upon reading this book, i was very impressed, the photographs are fantastic . it contains photos of old tank cars that are not in service anymore, as well as some unusal tank cars that you just do not see anymore. they also have some newer tank cars too. there are some cars in there that date back to the early 1900's. the description of the cars and what they were used for is very clear and easy to understand as well. it is a great source of information for someone who wants to model tank cars in a certain era , or for someone like myself who likes and is interested in tank cars in general. it is by far in my opinion one of the better books out there .

as i stated earlier it is volume one. they claim volume two is due of sometime later this year. just thought i would share this in case anyone was thinking about getting it.

Thanks for posting a book review. We don't see enough of them here.
Hmmm! I could post a thoughtful book review, now and again ...

... they'd be one track wonders, though. Mostly, I only buy books about the Reading Company, and on occasion, the Pennsy or Lehigh Valley or maybe one on Camelback steam (but I think I have all of them by now.)

Yeah, I know ... I'm boring.

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Hmm, this sounds like one I ought to get. I love tank cars, particularly the older ones - which is why I torture myself putting together those P2K kits. Icon_lol

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Hi Randy

if you like tank cars especially the older one, this book was made for you. it has a lot of older cars in it, the photos are great. you definately will not be disappointed


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