Athearn Genesis GP 15T-review
After months and months of waiting...finally i was able to purchase the CSX version of the Athearn genesis GP15T.I must say i am quite pleased with the detail of this engine.I don't think their is a detail part that this engine doesn't have.Performance wise,she's a very smooth runner,very nice slow speed operation,and suprisingly no gear noise at all.This engine is equipped with the Soundtraxx Tsunami 645 and the sound is excellent,but could be louder(IMHO).Their was a couple of issues with the engine itself,the bell was misaligned(see photo),and one of the top raidiator grilles was loose.

I was hesitant to purchase this engine because of the bad expierence i had when i purchased a Missouri pacific undecorated version.The speaker was installed "upside down,and their was alot of gear noise,so i sent it back to my supplier. Sad

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Don Shriner

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