Bullit Trains collide after one is hit by lightning
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What a mess! Part of the death toll will have been caused by carriages falling from the bridge.
Cause of the accident appears to have been due to the following train exceeding its block authority when the train in front stopped due to power outage caused by lightning strike and so ramming the rear of the stopped train.

It is possible that the safety curcuits may have been fried by the same lightning strike, but I would have expected that such curcuits would have been protected from lightning. However lightning strikes are a frequent event and so must be designed for. My speculation only, no proof at the moment.

The thing that really spins me out was the 1300 to 1400 passenger figure.

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It seams that the Chinese government is trying to keep this Hush Hush and not releasing much info on the accident. I was searching out other articles on this and the number of derailed cars and injured differs from article to article. It may have to do with there intentions to enter the U.S. and European railway markets and not wanting their products seam unsafe, as if all the lead found in there toys was not enough to raise questions on the quality of their products. Nope
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I read about the actions of the Chinese Government as well.

My thoughts were that despite all the opening up of the country, old habits to hide bad news, particularly in the Communist Party, die slowly. If on the other hand it can be shown that the accident was caused by shortcuts due to graft and corruption, then we may well see accident footage used when the accused front court and the firing squad.

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