New EMD/GMD/CLYDE G12 in HO for CNR G8 or G12 fans!
Hi Guys; For all you CNR EMD G8 - G12 fans out there or London and Port Stanley Railway fans, there is a new HO scale G12 soon to be available from Austrains in Australia. This G12 model is based on but the Australian Victorian Railways G12 or T class prototype and the Hong Kong - Kowloon – Canton Railway (KCR) 51 class. This is closer scale and more detailed than the Brazilian G8 or G12 currently available. Check out this link. I think if enough Canadian modelers contact them, they may do a run in CNR or London and Port Stanley. Cheers

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Have fun – David Notarius, London UK (ex New Hope Pa)

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Howdy Folks; Here's a link for a G12 1:87 body produced using a 3d computer printer.

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Have fun - David Notarius - London UK Cheers

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G'day All,
The Victorian railways version of the G8/12 is known as the FIRST SERIES 'T' class. A brief summary can be found at:
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In N scale there is a brass etch kit at:
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under the heading: 1st Series T class Loco (unassembled, unpainted), which requires an Atlas VO-1000 mechanism.
Aust-N-Rail had a limited run ready to run `flat roofed' T as they became known, about 4 years ago, or so. See:
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The various state government owned railway systems in Australia ordered both export and modified/custom models of diesel locomotives from English and U.S (EMD, ALCO, GE) manufacturers. Therefore we have a significant variety of diesel types. Many of these are now making it into injection molded production with DCC etc in HO and kits and limited runs in N Scale. The `traditional' paint scheme of `Victorian Railways' is based on the Erie blue and gold scheme.


So if you want to cause a stir, buy a VR paint scheme loco, replace the VR in the middle of the `wings' with ERIE, and run it in the middle or lead of a consist at a train show!!!!!

Andrew G.
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here we go!

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That loco looks like a GP-7 & a baby Train-master had a kid together.
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Here's more links for some HO scale bodies from Brazil and also overseas. These are not the Frateschi shells that are close to OO (1:80)scale.
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and something a big bigger for you EMD export fans:
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