a bunch of old negatives
Hello Everyone---I was going through my desk recently and came across a file filled with old negatives.My good friend Doctor Wayne suggested I bring them to his house so he could scan them and put them on a disc---what a surprise,some of these shots are almost 20 years old---here's a few from a vacation to British Columbia---hope you enjoy---thanks Doc

[Image: img948.jpg]

[Image: img956.jpg]

[Image: img953.jpg]

[Image: img951.jpg]

[Image: img957.jpg]
great!!! Nice shots!!!! Big Grin Big Grin If you havent already entered -= you should enter one in the Steam Engine Contest Smile Smile
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~~ I wonder what that would look like in 1:20.3???
Wow! great find!!!

Those are some nice shots.
You can scan negatives? With a regular scanner?
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Woweee...!!! What a find..!! You got anymore..?? Let's see them.... Thumbsup
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Hope you have more to show us.
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eightyeightfan1 Wrote:Those are some nice shots.
You can scan negatives? With a regular scanner?

I think it's a regular scanner - in addition to pictures and documents, it does slides and negatives, and also lets you alter and adjust the images. It's an Epson Perfection V100 - nice to know after all these years that my kids finally listened to something I said. Misngth


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