A couple of videos from the commute today
1) Looks like a model railroad, doesn't it? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=grhj8D8tp...e=youtu.be
It actually is my commuter train closing on the junction town of Lillestrøm, Norway, running past the coach yard (or rather EMU yard)

2) Approaching the RR shops at Nyland in Oslo - notice MOW bunk cars stockpiled on track along main:

3) Passing the locomotive terminal at the west end of Nyland, and heading on down to the intermodal terminal and arrival tracks for the hump yard at Alnabru:

4) On the subway - passing the MOW yard at Brynseng in Oslo:

That's great Stein! Do you get to enjoy this ride every work day?
Ralph Wrote:That's great Stein! Do you get to enjoy this ride every work day?

No, only part of it. Normally I only pass the first scene (coming into Lillestrøm). Then my train ducks into an 8-9 mile long tunnel and pops back above ground coming into Oslo Central, and then I transfer to the subway downtown, and run in tunnels most of the way to work.

But these past six weeks, Oslo Central has been closed due to track work, so my trains has been taking the older main line into town, past the RR shops at Nyland and yard at Alnabru, stopping at a small station on the edge of town, where I transferred to subway - which ran past the subway MOW yard.

Here are the locations on bing maps:
Lillestrøm EMU coach yard: http://binged.it/QugbUn

Nyland shops and locomotive terminal: http://binged.it/Qugn62
Alnabru yard arrival tracks and intermodal yard: http://binged.it/MxAgTI

Subway MOW yard at Brynseng; http://binged.it/QugwX4

My normal route would have taken me directly from Lillestrøm into Oslo Central: http://binged.it/QugBKs


That's some very cool stuff Steirjr...like you said,,I't really does look like a model railroad .I have to visit the old country some day and see where the family roots are from. Thanks for posting them.
 My other car is a locomotive, ARHS restoration crew  
Well, some days commuting is cool, other days I am glad I can work from home when necessary - today the railroad had a massive signal outage at Oslo Central for three hours, from 6 am to 9 am - i.e. right smack during rush hour.

At least 40 000 people were stuck due to trains not moving. I am glad I checked the web edition of my local paper before heading for the RR station - it made me change my plans for the day, and work from home instead of adding to the chaos as NSB were desperately trying to get hold of every bus they could to get passengers to their destination while the signal maintainers from Jernbaneverket (JVB - "the railroad authority" - the public authority which owns and maintains tracks and signals - like Britains RailTrack) were sweating blood as they were troubleshooting the signal system to find the short.

I wouldn't be surprised if the media and politicians will be baying for the blood of people in the management at JBV - the Oslo Central area has been closed for six weeks for maintenance this summer, and a massive stoppage just one week after things opened again was something nobody wanted.

Oh well, back to work from my home computer :-)


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