What do you have on the layout?
What do you have on the layout? At this time I have:

Two Bachmann GP7's
One Athearn GP35 on a Frankenstein chassis
One Athearn F7 on a Frankenstein chassis
Two Varney F3B's on Frankenstein chassis
Three GP9m's on Frankenstein chassis
One Bachmann K4 4-6-2 Pacific as a display
Varney 36' hopper w/coal load
Bachmann track cleaner tank car
Two Athearn 50' gondolas w/scrap loads
Two Tyco 52' Old Dutch Cleanser covered hoppers
Two Bachmann heavy duty depressed center flats with Caterpillar loads
Tyco Diamond Chemical tank car
Two Bachmann 50' flats w/Athearn container loads
Mantua 45' gondola NYC w/coal load
Two Athearn 45' tank cars, MKT, Magnolia
Athearn 50' dbl door boxcar CPLT
Athearn 50' boxcar ATSF
Tyco 52' Kellogg's covered hopper
AHM 50' Niagara covered hopper
Athearn 52' mill gondola UP
Athearn 36' covered hopper
Two Bachmann 40' gondolas
Four Bachmann 40' hoppers, three with coal loads
Two Bachmann 40' tank cars, Gramps, Shell
One Athearn 40' tank car ATSF
One Atlas tank car, ACFX
One Athearn 52' well car
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1- A SM&CH 2-8-0 w/ Drover Caboose # C-12
2- A SHLC 2-4-4-2 ( standard gauge ) w/ 2 B&O Hoppers,
1 undecorated Chemical Tank car
1 BAR 40' Box Car
1 B&O 40' Box Car
and Drover Caboose # C-14
3- An undecorated "work in progress" SM&CH SDL-39
4- 357 and a partridge in a pear tree 357
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I didn't want to write an entire inventory since my layout can handle a lot of rolling stock...but I do tend to changeover the trains I run as the whim strikes me. Right now I'm emphasizing the freelanced Kings Port & Western with a coal train of KP&W cars along with some lettered for biL's road---headed by two SD9's in a black and orange KP&W scheme AND a through-freight headed by a pair of blue and orange KP&W F7s with several orange boxcars for the road in tow along with a few covered hoppers. I also have a short Penn Central local powered by a GP30 with an assortment of freight cars (Penn Central and other regional roads like the Erie and the B&M). A two car passenger train is headed by a Penn Central E8. And.....a bunch of covered hoppers sit at Empire Grain with heralds from the Burlington, Rock Island, Klemme Co-op, NY Central, and Con Agra while assorted cars sit at other industries (tank cars at Kings Port Oil Supply, a covered hopper and tank at GERN, hoppers at the aggregate plant, and a 50 foot Penn Central boxcar at LaRoche Manufacturing. Oh, there are also ten cars on the car float at West Mill including a newly lettered covered hopper for Bruce's Shore River line.
Hmmm - at 32nd Street, located over my PC, there seems to be:

- An NW2 pulling three of six box cars at the freight house
- A flatcar and a gon at the transload track
- Three empty gons on the Barge Terminal lead, waiting to be pulled
- Two reefers and a boxcar at the Land O'Lakes Creamery, two empty, one being loaded
- Three tank cars at Anderson Chemicals
- Two boxcars at the GERN Minneapolis Warehouse
- Four cars at the east end yard tracks, waiting to be taken to the Riverside Yard
- An inbound transfer run pulled by an Omaha Road 44-tonner, with five cars (three box, one reefer, one tank)

Too much stuff on the layout... But the favorite locomotive used by most of us since we founded the club is a smooth running Atlas Duluth Winnipeg & Pacific RS-11.

Other regulars actually on the layout are:

-GE 44 ton NHB #1
-Bachmann CNR GP9
-2 Bowser CNR M630
-Bachmann CNR 2-8-0
-Proto 1000 CP Rail RS-10

Rolling stock is far to important to describe.

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Everything I have in rolling stock except about 8 or 10 cars that are out of service, that would give a total of about 300 freight cars and 150 coal cars. And probably ten or fifteen locomotives at any given time.
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