Cannonball kit for a Baldwin steeple cab
Some days ago the Cannonball kit for a Baldwin steeple cab arrived

The kit is normaly made for the older Bachmann 44to chassis but with a few changes the current chassis can be used. So it become a Baldwin 50to steeple cab. See MR 01/2010.
[Image: dscf5899w9rzd.jpg]

first pics
[Image: steeplecab02gdbck.jpg]

[Image: steeplecab03idxul.jpg]

[Image: steeplecab047dylm.jpg]

The kit fits well and can also be processed easily. I still have orderd a few more additional parts at AMB to refine the roof equipment. The delivery will take up to 4 weeks probably. But until then there is still much to do.
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Nice little project...!! I'm looking forward to seeing this progress.

If you need any extra information, I might be able to help. It's been 9 years since I first built a proper 50 ton Steepelcab and three years since the article was in Model Railroader, and yours is the first project I've seen that also stretches the Cannonball kit.
Hi Andy - thanks for popping in and posting - welcome
TodayI could do a little on the steeple cab:
I had to do some milling.

[Image: steeplecab05xwp2o.jpg]
Then the marked area had to be lowerd for 2mm.

[Image: steeplecab06f7rzj.jpg]
Then I milled the bottom of the tank down to level of the screw stops.

[Image: steeplecab079xri4.jpg]
Then the red marked area of the tank had to be milled on both sides away. Thus there was only a 1.5 mm left, here shown in green, on as a support for the shell. This will be build from 2mm polystyrene.

Currently the framework gets a new black coating.
greetings from northern Germany

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Nice little steeple car... I would almost say it looks like an "easy" job to do! ;-)

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sailormatlac Wrote:Nice little steeple car... I would almost say it looks like an "easy" job to do! ;-)


Modifying the chassis is probably the hardest bit. The rest I thought was fairly conventional, although it all depends where your skills and previous experiences are from.

I don't wish to take ove rthis build too much, but thought you'd like to see some photos of the finished Steeplecab that appears in the article as an unpainted model:

In primer:

[Image: post-6819-0-36756700-1325626713_thumb.jpg]

[Image: wileycityvintage6.jpg]

And a short video of this loco in action:

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No problem, 298 or how your name is.

some new pics:

the first loco finally got her roof. I have to grind even if the glue has dried.

[Image: ir5steeplecab08myezb.jpg]

And i could get another kit that i modeld unchanged:

[Image: ir2steeplecab01rrinm.jpg]

[Image: ir2steeplecab02eiiil.jpg]

You can clearly see that it is long-legged with the unchanged Bachmann drives. Fortunately, you can changed that with some super detailing parts.

These parts and the other still needed parts are ordered and after their delivery i can continue modeling these kits.
greetings from northern Germany

Indiana City, my layout
Nice to see the project progressing, Joerg. Using strips for the roof looks like a better idea than extending the roof that is supplied with the kit.

I have uploaded a photo to show the subtle curves on the cab corners, and the roof overhang above the ends. Sanding these to shape only takes a few minutes, but improves the look of the model:

[Image: bni2.jpg]

You also have a couple of choices with the kit, since the cab ends are too narrow for a bigger 50ton loco and the cab sides should overhand the frames, you can either have a gap (as I have done), use a narrower frame (the real loco cabs are 9'6" wide), or make new cab ends.

Andy Gautrey.

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