Need a drill for small bits (#80)
That's a cool tool!

I have the dremel drill press, but I've found that it moves around a lot, and I get nervous that it won't be able to hold the bit centered.

I wonder how hard it would be to make a hand powered drill press? I bet I could make a "long" pinvise with brass tube, threaded to accept the "end piece" of my pin vice and small enough to allow the Collet to fit in and close as I tighten the end piece. This shaft could probably be mounted within another slightly wider tube that is lubricated and solidly mounted into a sturdy frame that prevents excessive sideways play, but allows the inner shaft to move up and down freely.

This way, a precision drilling can be done without an expensive motorized machine, and letting you maintain a "feel" for those delicate drill bits. If only I had machining skill and equipment!

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I use this drill, so much easier than a pin vise for longer work

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I used the pin vise that Ed suggested <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=",7045.html">,7045.html</a><!-- m -->. It worked really well and I got the hang of it pretty quick, I only snapped one bit. I did find it difficult to tighten the chuck enough for a good grip on the bit. A few times I thought I snapped it but it just went up into the chuck. But I was able to make the holes for the grab irons and lift rings on my engines so im glad thats done, ill post pics later tomorrow.
Rscott417 Wrote:
Rscott417 Wrote:doing the grab irons on 3 locomotives so thats 33 holes I need to drill.

Just realized that it's 66 holes... Eek

Don't worry, you'll get used to it. Misngth

Counting the roofwalk grab irons and the sill steps, along with all the regular grabs, this little 36' boxcar required 90 holes, all drilled with a pin vise. That total doesn't include the ones needed for the brake rigging.

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I have about two dozen of them in service. Wink Goldth


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