Madrid Train Crash
No, Spain railroads use two different track gauges.
The older trackage is in broad gauge (1668 mm) however all new built fast train lines are built in European/American standard gauge (4' - 8 1/2" = 1435 mm).
However all new high speed trains can run on both track systemes. The whole train including head units can change the track gauge at low speed. So I'm not sure if train did run on standard or broad gauge. I think that it was standard gauge because the crashed train was come directly from a high speed section.
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Jerseytrain Wrote:Thank you for the additional information.
The accident occurred on broad gauge track (1668mm), am I correct?

Yes, you´re correct but the train had just left the standard gauge.
modelsof1900 Wrote:No, Spain railroads use two different track gauges.

Spain has a considerable amount of meter gauge as well (FEVE).

I was not aware that the gauge of the locomotives could change as well as the coaches.
Terrible accident, I hope this does not stall the growth of rail transit in Spain. The equipment that has been developed is just fascinating.

This is a very interesting and detailed 108 pages PDF document dealing with a lot of aspects of automatically changing the gauge in Spain. The solution is truly amazing.

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