Paint/weather walthers elevator
just picked up the valley growers elevator from Walthers. Was really wanting to paint and weather the corrugated look realistically. Any advice, tips, pics of yours, or links to other threads/sites where people have done this and explained techniques??? Thanks guys!
Classic elevators like the Walthers Valley Growers elevator are getting harder and harder to find these days, but every now and then I run across one in my travels and try and get photos of it. Ran across this interesting one in Du Quoin, IL a couple of years ago:     I found it interesting because the loading track curved around the elevator (left side in photo), and although covered with metal siding, it was painted white. Rails of the loading track are barely visible in the gravel road and extended about 10 car lengths to the right in the photo. Also note the loading pipes come out of the side of the elevator rather than in the usual location on what would normally be track side.

I had the Walthers model myself and though I didn't modify it to any great extent, I did paint it an off-white color with interior latex paint and some hints of rust here and there including the loading pipes and on parts of the roofs. Sold it a few months ago, as even though I really like grain elevators, it just didn't fit in the current layout plan.

Doing a Google search for Walther's Valley Grower Elevator turns up a lot of photos of how some have done their models. There is one that has been modified and enlarged that has some rust on the metal siding, but not over done. For more details on how this fellow modified and painted his, look at this page: Might provide a lot of inspiration on your own model and turn out to be not the same model that everyone else has on their layout.

Hope this is of some help.
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Sweet! I love tom Johnsons works, his is my favorite. I have been looking for instructions from him on how he does some of his stuff with no luck. This is awesome. thanks. I tried to look through his posts on that forum but could not since I am not a member, and they aren't accepting new members Sad
The ATLAS forum has been shut down for quite sometime.Most of the pictures are gone I 'm surprized there were still pictures of Tom's awesome modeling still there.I suggest you google Model Railroad Hobbiest magazine .It is a free online mag that has a lot of Tom's neat modeling along with other great stuff to use.
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