Train show, Clark New Jersey, 03,15,2015.
*** Sunday, March, 15,2015. ***
** The Jersey Central Railway Historical brings to you its annual spring train show. Location is as always.
** Mother Seaton High School, 1 Valley Road, Clark, New Jersey.


** It is real easy to get to from the GSP, Garden State Parkway. Just exit the GSP on exit 135. There are always train show signs posted at the exit. Follow the signs ! Mother Seaton High is on the east side of the GSP. You exit onto a road that is a circle. If coming from the south, once exited, the first building you see to your right is Mother Seaton High School. Get to the right side of the circle and pass the high school for you will be taking the first right turn past the school, Valley Road. Then take the first driveway to the right as the High School is 1 Valley Road. You are there. The driveway extends up the north side of the school to the parking lot in the rear. If you come from the north going south once you exit stay to the left and the circular road will pass under the parkway, and you can follow the previous info as if coming from the south.

It is always a interesting train show as it is also a memorabilia show. Though trains of all gauges will be there, Railroad Collectibles, Books, Antiques, photos, slides and videos will also be found. Also at least one table for printed info on Trolleys. Have a nice day.

Here is the flyer for the show.

" It's a Heck of a Day " !!!!
hey, is that your picture in the flyer? 357
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I MIGHT try to go to this one. I'm 99% sure I had to pass this place to get to the NJ Layout Design meet. Gonna find me some more flat cars!
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" It's a Heck of a Day " !!!!

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