My Hometown---Part 3
I had a lead that a couple of CN's new Tier4 ET44AC's had just been delivered from the GE plant in Erie PA. and were on train 422,scheduled to pass through Bayview Junction this morning---here's some pictures as the train headed east from Hamilton towards Aldershot.

[Image: 23848a75-4c91-4e0b-857f-648cdeecb95f.jpg]

[Image: 491a6b98-1a49-49df-bf88-e61d7cc19327.jpg]

[Image: 95899de1-57bc-487e-bf98-139d819a2d12.jpg]
On Saturday morning while waiting at Bayview Junction for the arrival of train 422 with a couple of new Tier 4 locomotives in it's consist,this pair of ES44AC diesels (2872 and 2889) came down the Dundas hill with an eastbound freight

[Image: e075e363-514f-4355-b8b4-83ed7a904243.jpg]
I had a chance to check out Kinnear Yard this morning---here's some of the action

[Image: f18a6d6c-c9dd-483f-9d0d-b5e432b624d4.jpg]

[Image: fbf72dae-7b89-4d3d-87b3-d83d5287a3a3.jpg]

[Image: 022%20Large_1.jpg]

[Image: 69fd55ac-4d8e-4d69-887c-08e5d95b4ff2.jpg]

[Image: fe63f751-8887-4ed2-b00f-5a320a636f80.jpg]

[Image: a576b0a5-4549-4d3a-a0fc-76bc8f364d12.jpg]

[Image: 02720Large.jpg]
You are getting lots of variety. I hope a heritage unit comes your way soon.
Charlie B Wrote:You are getting lots of variety. I hope a heritage unit comes your way soon.

Now that would be a dream come true Charlie---how about sending that new Erie Lackawanna heritage unit up to my hometown Thumbsup
I lucked out today as I caught trains 148 and 422 powered by CN's newest ES44AC locomotives heading east through Bayview Junction

[Image: 13429f1c-d316-4010-b60d-520cd4783fa9.jpg]

[Image: fc4ede6f-53cb-4def-9901-cb3959062b40.jpg]

[Image: 5efab6bf-7647-47aa-a1bc-d7cd8d1e40eb.jpg]
Double thumbs up for the COD Ed.
Thanks Charlie.Autumn is my favourite time for rail-fanning.In a couple of weeks the fall colours will be much more spectacular---hopefully I'll get a chance to head up to Paris and catch some shots of the railway bridge over the Grand River.Here's another shot from yesterday taken at Bayview.

[Image: 5930c1a8-2cc8-431d-ac19-e8161c7aa0d8.jpg]
Wow, nice shot, but the track on the left has some alignment problems near the switch frog.
Charlie B Wrote:Wow, nice shot, but the track on the left has some alignment problems near the switch frog.

Not only that, but time to get the weedsprayer car or a sicklebar for that shrubbery. Crazy

It was an overcast morning so the autumn colours were a bit muted but the train action made it a good day for rail-fanning.I even caught an anniversary edition locomotive with C40-8 #2128 on train 148---this is our version of the heritage unit fleet but I'd much rather see some of those Norfolk Southern beauties.

[Image: 013_6.jpg]

[Image: 018_7.jpg]

[Image: 035_1.jpg]

[Image: 29bf15d8-b169-4613-9431-3dd4137765c5.jpg]

[Image: b5bc1faf-86cb-4c31-a944-8f92abc9820c.jpg]

[Image: 990e64d0-b417-47ed-9f2d-081a5619df39.jpg]
I had some company this morning when I arrived at one of my favourite spots at Laking Gardens but I'm sure this turkey vulture was more interested in the carcass of a racoon that lay on the tracks below that checking out the train action.I'm glad the bird didn't stick around as it was perched at a good vantage point for catching the downbound freight that rounded the bend shortly after I arrived.Later the action continued as I caught the tail end of a CP train heading into Hamilton as a CN freight headed through Hamilton West.I was able to catch the CP freight as it headed east through Kinnear Yard with a Norfolk Southern locomotive in the consist---not a Heritage unit but I was happy with this catch.

[Image: 00520Large_2.jpg]

[Image: 261b54cf-d960-4b4b-9118-58b7f563a563.jpg]

[Image: 01420Large_1.jpg]

[Image: dfc3d213-ff25-4ef8-86c7-9ac5bf4980c1.jpg]

[Image: 79a98cfd-d9d6-471e-b5b2-92fc3b0da70e.jpg]

[Image: 02420Large_2.jpg]

[Image: 02620Large_1.jpg]

[Image: ca6e98c6-73fc-4d7d-8f95-33f90f1650f4.jpg]
Looks like you had a great day Ed and the fall colours are fabulous.

Great photos

Charlie and Bruce---thanks for your comments,they're much appreciated.Even though CP uses leased and "foreign" power on a regular basis I have not seen any Norfolk Southern locomotives running through Hamilton on CP tracks so I was pleasantly surprised to see SD70M-2 2679 on the eastbound freight today.Now if it had a Heritage unit I would have followed the train right to Buffalo.

[Image: 02820Large_2.jpg]

[Image: 6deacbc7-6858-476b-a586-0a22e6798770.jpg]

[Image: 029_4.jpg]

The lead unit---CP AC44CW 8542---was so grimy it almost matched the black NS diesel

[Image: c9a1f0c5-bf5f-4b54-802c-54d482365f41.jpg]

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