My Hometown---Part 3
Thanks Ed for the updates on what is happening in Hamilton, and Wayne thanks for adding that great picture of the TH&B. I wish I had known where to find this little line in '79.
Happy Birthday Ed. And I pray you have many more of them to come 548 548 548 Waveof7 Waveof7 Waveof7 Dancing Dancing Dancing
Thank you Charlie---I enjoyed a nice relaxing day,just right for an old guy
It was a cold wintery day in my hometown today with snow flurries and the temperature a bone chilling minus 4 Celsius but being the fool I am I headed out for some local rail-fanning.I was able to catch a couple of CN freights at Bayview before the blowing snow ended my day at CP's Kinnear Yard.

[Image: 56959545-363d-4564-be33-b7e235e1cae6.jpg]

[Image: 7fef1acc-34c0-42be-9fb0-92d2ee90b8c2.jpg]

[Image: 018_1.jpg]

[Image: 04bfaf4c-60e6-426f-8605-1a6b36e95e86.jpg]
I always enjoy your pictures. With the value of the dollar in our favor maybe Kevin and I should come up there for a couple days.
Thanks Charlie---it would be great to see you and Kevin again---the snow should be gone by June
Taking advantage of the great March weather

[Image: 770e0dc7-281a-4800-9142-896c545028f7_zpsrmqjzt0r.jpg]

[Image: 003_zpsd8ajksdv.jpg]

[Image: d84489d5-9c91-4148-b7bb-c22f32409724_zpsfxhq9ahl.jpg]

[Image: 9b091e0a-ab86-4e38-8e71-80fc357f23a6_zpsccbwr86l.jpg]

[Image: 013_zpsqkmhv17x.jpg]
We had 73 here today too. No railfanning, but we took the dogs for a walk. Many nice pictures Ed. I did go down trackside last evening and got a few train pictures.
CN train 422 breaks through the fog as it heads east through Bayview Junction powered by a couple of ES44AC locomotives

[Image: 01ff4c19-9eb6-4867-a796-84c083e1f9ea.jpg]
Here's a shot Deano might like---today's westbound freight through Kinnear Yard included UP AC45CWCTE #5502.Even though I'm a big CN fan I have to admit CP trains are often more interesting with a wider selection of "foreign" power

[Image: 001.jpg]
Westbound VIA rolls through Bayview during yesterday's rain storm---certainly not a good day for train watching

[Image: 006_3.jpg]
Hello everyone---some interesting action around Kinnear Yard today

[Image: 005_zpsyg50zltb.jpg]

[Image: 004_zpsaucrt3li.jpg]

[Image: 015_zpstjcnhprm.jpg]

[Image: 017_zpsfqeyjvtt.jpg]

I chased this train and ended up at Vinemount

[Image: cfc94919-4aa6-4224-bdfd-4c725ed26909_zpsixt94gju.jpg]
South of Vinemount heading towards the border at Buffalo NY

[Image: 049a6060-3ecf-4257-8f77-a1dd3470767c_zpsqw0agvr0.jpg]
Just a question....What's the green box with the white cross painted on the nose of some of the CP units? I also noticed a green circle with some other white mark painted on other units,, are they related?
 My other car is a locomotive, ARHS restoration crew  
Hi Steve---good question ???---my guess would be the possible location of first aid accessories inside the door on the front of the locomotive---please correct me if I'm wrong

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