My Hometown---Part 3
Here's a photo taken in Aug.2013 of CN C40-8 #2127.This was one of my first pictures of an ex CNW/UP that CN had purchased second-hand.They sure looked good after they were repainted in the CN livery.

[Image: 83fbedc4-07b6-42b4-a582-d2ef5c8cc0b8_zpsruzhumu4.jpg]
I've always liked trains but didn't start taking photos until the mid 1980's.Here's one of my earliest pictures of CN MLW C630M #2040 taken at Hamilton's Bayview Junction in the late 1980's or early 1990's.

[Image: 7d385fb9-7c87-431c-aeb9-f0190b6f8824_zpsiqartjlt.jpg]
I took a break from railfanning today to check out another local attraction in my hometown---the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum.Today there was a special guest from our friends from the south as well.Here's a few photos,sorry there's no trains but I don't think you'll be disappointed because there are some real beauties in the collection

[Image: db350943-a2e5-43db-932d-1579fa1888a5_zpsjhpuuc9c.jpg]

[Image: b7433cae-02b9-4073-aa43-de4c71476daa_zpsra7zywch.jpg]

[Image: f24b76f1-fb57-451f-a494-1f775a0b7819_zps4xgfpuzj.jpg]

[Image: 218def5b-62b6-4897-8ebd-ede345bc4f76_zpsuwg9ywto.jpg]

[Image: f5900c93-8b32-4511-ae18-2adefbffb3bf_zpsn4y9mbjd.jpg]

[Image: 8e7e2094-098c-43a5-af6b-05c62b516ca3_zpsanqhzles.jpg]

[Image: 9e0de10a-52f5-4860-9f72-c8007fd918a9_zpsa6cwpepb.jpg]

[Image: e638ac61-eb4c-4201-8a48-92d772aefa48_zpsovx6orig.jpg]
I can't be positive but I think I saw Barney Secord flying a vintage bi-plane at the Warplane Museum yesterday.Here's a few more exhibits from the collection including a Spitfire,a Hurricane and a C47 Dakoda.For the adventurous types,Barney will take you on a sightseeing tour for only $225.,barf bags included,parachutes can also be rented for an additional fee.

[Image: 53af1c53-6c4f-46d0-9852-fb13daa0aeb6_zpstieldf0b.jpg]

[Image: de8ef248-ebf0-4f41-ba90-f34357bab5c0_zpsiuoueezx.jpg]

[Image: b997cc2e-5ad6-4533-8c98-c1cee22788c1_zpsyalh8kwu.jpg]

[Image: f4df8d5d-73b6-43a8-8b3b-996ac84c3d21_zpsnr6nq0tc.jpg]
Ahoy mateys---if you're planning on visiting my hometown you shouldn't miss the opportunity of visiting HMCS.Haida.

[Image: 3964b370-d48a-464c-bda9-52107bfe5d85_zpstvhz4lby.jpg]
That B-17 looks like someone spent a week with a buffer to get it that shiny.
 My other car is a locomotive, ARHS restoration crew  
I caught this eastbound freight at the intersection of Graham Ave.S. and Lawrence Rd. as she leaves the Kinnear yard limits and begins her journey up the Niagara escarpment towards the US border.

[Image: b26d1d35-186e-47be-9f41-0b313774dea1_zpsh3rsnuvm.jpg]
I drove out to Bayview today just in time to catch train 148 with a BC Rail unit in the consist and then stopped at Kinnear yard on the way home.The freight train action has been limited lately especially since CN train 331 was cancelled.

[Image: 81ba1fc4-295f-483d-ac5c-8d337a12d525_zpsw01wkskz.jpg]

[Image: caf7d644-cceb-4fe1-a456-cb39c7195f54_zpskgq1s5jw.jpg]

[Image: e608dccc-72df-46ef-878a-f4575c2d23a9_zpsr9byrbua.jpg]
What a glorius autumn day---time to take advantage of the beautiful weather and do some railfanning

[Image: 9e8e7e12-70b4-4b66-a392-c0cc64e0fbe9_zpspfnobcu5.jpg]

[Image: 1d99b865-0d9c-4d61-b4e7-57c9c13c8e90_zps8qazxl65.jpg]
Taking advantage of the beautiful autumn weather

[Image: 86fd1f6a-56f1-45b8-9523-4ae0710f329c_zpsu1kzxygi.jpg]

[Image: b2616c1f-d940-47e2-91e8-a9a502c642f8_zpscprdmbwg.jpg]
Wow, the red really stands out here. We have been having nice weather too.
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Season's Greetings everyone---wishing you and your loved ones peace and good health.Some last minute shopping offered an opportunity to do a bit of rail-fanning,probably the last for a while.

[Image: 7182916e-3fbf-475f-9246-f1954f9bf4d6_zpswweaa4p6.jpg]
It's been a while since I've had a chance to do any train watching in my hometown so I was very pleased to have one of those days rail-fanners hope for---5 trains during the morning tour including a nice variety of motive power.I was even lucky to catch Train 421 eastbound at Gage Ave.N with a DPU unit in the consist.Here's some of the action.

[Image: 008_zpsjgqyxitj.jpg]

[Image: 013_zpszhzuh7mp.jpg]

[Image: 010_zps4desr9w7.jpg]

[Image: 6dca4e22-cbaf-4b23-b3bc-7de6551e98bb_zpsxs5k8ois.jpg]

[Image: c02ddc1f-823b-4154-af4e-39dc67e9bd62_zps0fsoswdd.jpg]

[Image: 022_zpsylwacqiu.jpg]
Three CN GP38-2's power train 550 towards Hamilton's Stuart St. yard

[Image: 44bdf3a4-82ad-45ca-b099-ca6c7652b872_zpsnw2kef5z.jpg]
Another shot taken at Bayview Junction last week

[Image: 550f9481-aa9d-4d3b-949b-5bf5a4282a85_zpsmzngcauj.jpg]

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