My Hometown---Part 3
I finally had an opportunity to get out to Bayview Junction and do some rail-fanning

[Image: 01032017%20003_zps313uuuvw.jpg]

[Image: 01032017%20005_zpsyn7ftomf.jpg]

[Image: cdaa74c7-4473-4d43-a303-dfee60fa711f_zpsntczrzbd.jpg]

[Image: 2d94c2dc-ea32-4d63-aa39-d2eda76b484b_zpsyloe1aea.jpg]

[Image: 568685e3-1b57-4315-9a35-404fa74bf233_zpso2vaxxd1.jpg]
Glad you could get out Ed. It's nice to see an old conventional cab now and again, they are all almost gone on the NS.
Hi Charlie---it is a treat to see some of the older power.CN still runs their GP9's on trains 550/555 working out of Aldershot but CP no longer has any GP9's in active service.With all the newer "big power" seen on a regular basis the older units have become the new stars of the show
My hockey season is over for another year and it's time to get out the camera and get into the rail-fanning season---here's some shots from today's game.

[Image: 05042017%20002_zpsrpnhnkbo.jpg]

[Image: 05042017%20003_zpsgwtubqp8.jpg]

[Image: 05042017%20018_zps1m1c20yw.jpg]

[Image: 05042017%20023_zpslqypsiwi.jpg]

[Image: 05042017%20028_zpsrxrm8c05.jpg]

[Image: 05042017%20041_zpsi6ielyqh.jpg]

[Image: 05042017%20050_zps5u42ao8b.jpg]

[Image: 05042017%20052_zps8sxxwufh.jpg]

[Image: 05042017%20056_zpsmjocgt9v.jpg]
Great start for the photo taking season.
A lash-up of three CN GP38-2's,each one unique

[Image: 3f8d4f01-dd81-44ff-9e5b-e1eb5b007be3_zps6gysb9cc.jpg]

[Image: e9046fcc-08e9-4c99-a7bb-d3fa3eaedfff_zpsld7obvt1.jpg]

[Image: 398aa64a-f985-4330-802d-fba45ef823fb_zpstoruhzfl.jpg]
Here's the missing GP38-2 from the previous thread

[Image: cfd84d9a-f15e-4ae0-8c97-a4b9958d8538_zpsqlprygma.jpg]
CP GP38-2's and a rare CN SW1200RS

[Image: a50f1e84-1518-46e5-b079-baa4baa4ed0d_zpsxaywhqoc.jpg]

[Image: 48f9ac71-962e-4a36-969b-764c0da5deab_zps3iknvfyj.jpg]
I found some more pictures of SW1200RS #7304 when she was working the Stuart St. yard back in the mid 80's

[Image: e887ae3c-c398-4c77-a5e4-c427d9ed798e_zpsilzdpr4d.jpg]

[Image: 06239c46-9206-48ad-98ad-581f67f5a190_zps7lzuruqo.jpg]
A beautiful spring day today in my hometown

[Image: 013_zpsuddp8ze0.jpg]

[Image: 002_zpsan8ncv1e.jpg]
ET44AC #3009 heads westbound train 371 through Bayview Junction

[Image: 55685b69-4f2d-4f53-9ca4-88384b43bf64_zpscgzws4zw.jpg]

Shortly after 371 passed train 550 followed heading towards the Stuart St. yard in Hamilton

[Image: 9833f1a5-f642-42a3-9b98-60cdbe5453d3_zpsxlnoac3v.jpg]
A break from all the freight trains

[Image: aebcc080-7ae4-479f-9f1c-58ef8ae76c55_zpsqhgyh8xa.jpg]
The early bird gets the worm.It was certainly true this morning as I headed out just after 7:30 to check out some of my favourite rail-fanning spots.Within a couple of hours I spotted four trains.The only drawback was the shadows caused by the rising sun in the east.

[Image: P1290887_zps27ur3rcd.jpg]

[Image: P1290892_zpseae9prem.jpg]

[Image: P1290895_zpshmmeswbb.jpg]

[Image: P1290899_zpsuybphish.jpg]

[Image: P1290906_zpsaxfqbncy.jpg]

[Image: P1290909_zpsp359vylo.jpg]

[Image: P1290912_zpsgnyxlyl3.jpg]
I like that double decker cab car... Is it a home build or an option from the manufacture? I am surprised that NJT doesn't have something like that. They do have a whole fleet of bi-level cars very similar to those.
 My other car is a locomotive, ARHS restoration crew  
Hi Steve---these cars are built for GO (Government of Ontario) transit system by Bombardier in Thunder Bay Ontario.GO Transit ordered 67 CEM cab cars and only GO 364, 365, and 366 are left to be delivered now, in this order.

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