My Hometown---Part 3
Mr Nutbar
The later worms seem to have run off with your last 2 photos.
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That's funny David 357 ---actually I edited a few pictures on photobucket and the originals were deleted 35 .Here's a couple of replacements

[Image: 757fe968-f36f-48b0-b63e-7ff1c1459e31_zpsoueknm5v.jpg]

[Image: 2bcb5a5e-ff3f-4bb8-a435-a2ce9d3e0e1e_zpsys8yrkbm.jpg]
Lately I've been checking out some of my old pictures and found this shot taken at CN's Hamilton Stuart St. yard in the early 90's.MLW M-420W #3519 was built in 1973 and retired from CN's roster in 1998.It was sold to the Southern Railroad of New Jersey in 2004

[Image: b540e005-bb8d-45c1-8d5a-ff9ca24ddb4a_zpsfebe4jaj.jpg]
Early Saturday mornings have become my favourite times for rail-fanning---lots of train action and my wife is happy that I'm home early enough to help out with the "honey do" list.

[Image: P1290999_zpszvjwdxm6.jpg]

[Image: P1300004_zpsvtgwyocz.jpg]

[Image: P1300015_zps2m5t792e.jpg]

[Image: P1300035_zpsoxgo2kvs.jpg]

I found a photo of the same scene taken over 20 years ago

[Image: ViewoftheStuartStYard.jpg]
A few more pictures taken on Saturday morning

[Image: P1300064_zpsslamn4qr.jpg]

[Image: P1300077_zpsoq6h6yv0.jpg]

[Image: P1300079_zpshyngpzjr.jpg]

[Image: P1300084_zpsab71efnv.jpg]

[Image: P1300086_zpsbv5liyqf.jpg]
Ed, I don't often comment, but I want you to know I really enjoy your pictures so don't be discouraged by lack of comments.
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Likewise, eh? Thumbsup Thumbsup

Thank you Cheers Feedback is nice but not necessary---I enjoy posting for everyone who cares to view my photos Welcome
Here's a shot to take our minds off the recent heat wave we've had in my hometown

[Image: 30926613-420e-4806-a36f-688f0026ee56_zps4sjmcofu.jpg]
It was a really good day for rail-fanning today in my hometown

[Image: P1300127_zpstkhj9tpq.jpg]

[Image: P1300141_zps3rowm7y1.jpg]

[Image: P1300152_zpsi6fcxyin.jpg][/url

[URL=][Image: P1300165_zpsmt8fyta6.jpg]

[Image: P1300171_zps9bhxqbww.jpg]

[Image: P1300184_zpsp8bb6mqr.jpg]
I only wish I had this much rail action where I live. We only get about three trains a week, if we're lucky.
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Hi Steve---some days are better than others and yesterday was one of those really good days when the action was steady.I found out afterwards that there was a derailment in the Aldershot yard which created some unexpected extra traffic,particularly with train 421 which is usually an early morning train so it was unusual to see this train at Bayview at 10:30am.I've found the best time to rail-fan in my hometown is either very early (7am till 10am) or later in the afternoon (after 5pm until sunset).Besides CN and CP Hamilton also has the Southern Ontario Ry.which services numerous industries as well as passenger and commuter trains (VIA and GO).
Hamilton Ontario has always had a rich railroad history with major service facilities in the past including the CNR and the late TH&B roundhouses (sadly long gone)
Good news for SW1200RS fans---Rapido Models has announced it will be producing this iconic diesel locomotive in both CN and CP versions as well as an undecorated model.Looks like I know what to ask for a present in the future (should be available early 2018)---the CNR version in the green/yellow livery

[Image: P1300222_zps5uj2xnbf.jpg]

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