Boxcar Shortage!
Friend forwarded this very interesting article to me today: Shades of the 1970s!

Of course we won't see another era of colorful paint schemes on boxcars like we had in the late 70s to mid 80s, but would be nice to see something other than the graffiti covered, repainted junk you see today. I have recently noticed a lot of "care worn" 50ft and 60ft box cars re-lettered for NS on the mixed freights over the two busy NS lines in my area, along with an increase in boxcars carrying private owner reporting marks and find that interesting. Of course it's quite common to see relatively new FBOX and TBOX cars on trains, but there are only a handful of customers using boxcars these days in this area.

Good to see there is still a demand for the good old boxcar, and will be interesting to see if any of the "big roads" actually invest in some new ones in the future.
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The same is true in this area (Brownsville, TX). The very few trains that still run nowadays are all container carriers.
Traffic will increase considerably once the new "Spaceport" starts construction (if ever)...But I doubt that the type of rolling stock will change. After all, a single operator can do the work of a whole man crew in a few minutes, at a fraction of the labor cost.

Gus (LC&P).

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