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I do not get out as often as I would like to photograph my favorite subject but when I do I will post here and i'll add some of my older shots. On Saturday July 11, 2015 my son and I visited the Salem and Hillsbourgh Railway museum in Hillsbourgh, N.B. The museum used to run an excursion train but insurance costs shut down that part of the museum. They have a variety of equipment that is in good to poor condition which unfortunately is an issue for most museums.

First up is CN RSC-14 1754. This unit was used on PEI from 1975 up until abandonment in 1989. After the railway on PEI was shut down the unit bounced back and forth between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia on CN and was finally leased to the newly formed Cape Breton & Central Nova Scotia Railway until it was retired and donated to the S&H. It had been painted in Red, black and white S&H livery but was repainted in the last scheme it wore as a CN unit.

[Image: IMG_4280_zps6ynox8yj.jpg]

Engineers POV. These units (1750-1787) were operated as long hood forward.

[Image: IMG_4274_zps47rnnuen.jpg]

S&H 8245 ex CNR MLW S-12 8245 similar to an ALCO S4 internally but with a different cab and hood.

[Image: IMG_4268_zpsakatv1ar.jpg]

[Image: IMG_4273_zps73htruhg.jpg]

[Image: IMG_4271_zpsj7yi5k5l.jpg]
Continuing on there is a variety of rolling stock outside.

100-ton steam crane ex-CPR 414324

[Image: IMG_4293_zpsla0bberi.jpg]

I like the trucks and I assume the bearings are shielded like that it to protect them while cleaning up a derailment.

[Image: IMG_4259_zpsea5mjvyx.jpg]

[Image: IMG_4258_zpsgmkqjcxp.jpg]

Crane idler car ex-CPR 412722 – originally CPR flat car 307603

[Image: IMG_4257_zpshc6t2sgm.jpg]

[Image: IMG_4255_zpsga7y2ljp.jpg]
On to one of my favorite pieces of MOW equipment the Jordan Spreader ex-CNR 51040

[Image: CN%20Jordan%20Spreader%2051040d_zps7tbs2xva.jpg]

[Image: CN%20Jordan%20Spreader%2051040c_zpsjxzew28k.jpg]

[Image: CN%20Jordan%20Spreader%2051040b_zpsvsfveesg.jpg]

[Image: CN%20Jordan%20Spreader%2051040a_zpsbesussg0.jpg]
Caboose/van ex-CNR 79082 – owned by a CRHA member

[Image: CN%20Van%2079082a_zpsx34rft6f.jpg]

[Image: CN%20Van%2079082b_zps8ixufxik.jpg]

Fire tender ex-CNR 52147 – originally tender from CNR 6173

[Image: IMG_4241_zpsg60iohra.jpg]
[Image: IMG_4253_zpsqvfchhbe.jpg]
Tank car 36377 – originally Union Tank Car – next to the ex-CPR Steam Crane

[Image: IMG_4261_zpsavs4ahed.jpg]

Tank car 36025 – originally Union Tank Car – on the Display track with flat car

[Image: IMG_4260_zpsnt4v6su0.jpg]

[Image: IMG_4243_zpsnugwqmlc.jpg]
Ballast car ex-CNR 104095 – built to patented design “Improved Hart Convertible Car”

[Image: CN%20Hart%20gondola%20104095a_zpse9i9jgwn.jpg]

[Image: CN%20Hart%20gondola%20104095b_zpsegnvbkp5.jpg]

[Image: CN%20Hart%20gondola%20104095c_zpsi7tjah6i.jpg]

[Image: CN%20Hart%20gondola%20104095e_zpsv2le9z4k.jpg]

[Image: CN%20Hart%20gondola%20104095h_zpsm4vwlrav.jpg]

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