Krøderbanen Museum Railway, last day of the season
Krøderbanen is Norway's longest museum railway, and last sunday was the final day of the season with trains operating. There were 4 trains (2 steam engines and 2 diesel railcars) running on a timetable between the two end stations Krøderen and Vikersund, with scheduled meets at the two intermediate stations Kløftefoss and Sysle.

Vigdis and I arrived at Krøderen on saturday and spent the night at a motell, before spending the entire sunday chasing trains back and forth between Krøderen and Vikersund (a distance of 25km / around 15 miles). Here's a link to some of the pics on a Norwegian forum. Sorry, the text in Norwegian only, but if anyone is interested I can make a repost in English on this forum:

We also have some videos, but they require editing before uploading.
Great photos. The 1122 is a beauty. I like the proportions and the plain appearance
Thanks, Reinhard. The 1122 is actually a class E2 from the Swedish State Railways (Statens Järnvägar, SJ), delivered as E 1122 in 1912 and rebuilt as E2 in 1940. The class E/E2 has also been used in Norway occasionally, both in cross-border traffic and chartered by the NSB by locomotive shortage. This year the E2 is chartered by the Krøderbanen Museum Railway from Järnvägssällskapet Åmål-Årjängs Järnväg (JÅÅJ), to be used in the museum traffic as the museum's own locomotives (NSB class 21b #225 and NSB class 24b #236) are both undergoing repair.
Nice pics , thanks , ......wonderful to see others in the world preserving history rather than destroying it . Thanks again

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That's some great stuff,, just wish I could read it 357 .
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Looking at the minimalist cab on #11, the engine crews must have been bred tough back in the day!!
Thanks for sharing.
Cheers, the Bear.
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You know Bear, we are all vikings up here in the north, a closed cab is for sissies... Icon_lol
E-paw: Here's an English version just for you Big Grin :

A lot of pics were taken on Sunday, here's a small selection:

Early Sunday morning (Krøderen station). Engine #11 is being prepared outside the engine house, while #1122 is on her way to be coupled to the passenger cars for the first run of the day:
[Image: 4091_w1200.jpg]

[Image: 4098_w1200.jpg]

[Image: 4100_w1200.jpg]

[Image: 4109_w1200.jpg]

Train #1026 ready to depart:
[Image: 4121_w1200.jpg]

[Image: 4131_w1200.jpg]

Train #1026 at Hære (a grade crossing named after a nearby farm):
[Image: 4174_w1200.jpg]

At Vikersund station; the engine has uncoupled from the cars, and is running around to couple to the other end of the train before the return trip to Krøderen (as train #1027):
[Image: 4208_w1200.jpg]

Train #1027 at Svenskerud (also a farm, located in the hills just outside Vikersund), heading for Krøderen:
[Image: 4253_w1200.jpg]

Train #1027 arriving Sysle station, train #5302 waiting in track 1:
[Image: 4258_w1200.jpg]

Train #1027 entering Snarum station:
[Image: 4273_w1200.jpg]

Train meet at Kløftefoss station; train #1028 (standing in track 2, heading for Vikersund) and train #1009 (class 91 #02, entering track 1 heading for Krøderen):
[Image: 4316_w1200.jpg]

[Image: 4327_w1200.jpg]

[Image: 4333_w1200.jpg]

Train # 5304 entering track 1 at Kløftefoss station, about to meet train #135 heading for Krøderen:
[Image: 4372_w1200.jpg]

And here's train #135, the station master of Kløftefoss is getting a ride back to the station (from the outer turnout, which marks the station boundary and is thrown manually):
[Image: 4374_w1200.jpg]

Train meet at Kløftefoss:
[Image: 4378_w1200.jpg]

The quality of this picture was rather poor, but I like how it looked with the old Opel Rekord (?) veteran car with old style license plates running alongside the train, so I wanted to play around a little. The picture has been cropped, and I've added some noise and adjusted the color tones and temperature trying to make it look like an old color photograph. I also did the picture in sepia tones, but found it best in colors. This is my first time ever trying something like this, so I welcome any feedback and suggestions for improvement:
[Image: 4288_w1200.jpg]
Svein Wrote:, we are all vikings up here in the north
Fair enough. 357 357
Cheers, the Bear. Smile
"One difference between pessimists and optimists is that while pessimists are more often right, optimists have far more fun."
Svein, great pictures! Steam, I love steam! Thanks!
Cheers, Bernd

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