Steam engine jubilee in Dresden, Germany
This and next weekend we have the 90th jubilee of our park train engines, 15" gauge engines all of Pacific type and built as 1 to 3.3 scale replications of Deutsche Reichsbahn unity-engines class 03.
First three engines were built in 1925 by Kraus & Cie. (later Krauss-Maffei) in Munich, Germany. (Kraus-Maffei also known as the builder of 3000 hp diesel-hydraulic engines for SP.)
All in all 15 engines of this type were built until 1950 and now they run or are exhibited in Dresden, Leipzig, Stuttgart (all Germany), Austria, Espania, Great Britain and India.
Maybe it would be of interest: In times of WWII the two engines from Dresden and the one from Leipzig (after 1945 East Germany and Russian occupying territory) were secretly stored in querry and the Russian army did not found them. In other case these three engines would have been confiscated and transported to Russia - and we would never again have seen them.

And now our park railway celebrates the 90th jubilee of so called "Lilliputian engines" here in Dresden where the engine from Leipzig were transported to Dresden for a steam event with three engines (including the two battery-powered electric engines owned by Dresden's park railway). Enjoy the pictures!

Here as first the guest engine from Leipzig, painted in typical German railway colors black and red, engine no. 2 of that type.

[Image: steamweekend-2015_1365.jpg]

[Image: steamweekend-2015_1366.jpg]

Engine no. 3 "Moritz" from Dresden park railway in its red livery.

[Image: steamweekend-2015_1344.jpg]

[Image: steamweekend-2015_1345.jpg]

[Image: steamweekend-2015_1347.jpg]

The builder plate of engine "Moritz".

[Image: steamweekend-2015_1392.jpg]

Engine no. 1 "Lisa" - the first and oldest engine in green livery together with the black front end helper from Leipzig on the way in our large city park "Great Garden". Two impressing pictures for me!
However the eight car trains would not be a problem for each of these engines alone.

[Image: steamweekend-2015_1350.jpg]

[Image: steamweekend-2015_1357.jpg]

And a view in the cab.

[Image: steamweekend-2015_1364.jpg]

Some more pictures will follow.
Cheers, Bernd

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Bernhard---beautiful locomotives and beautiful pictures---thank you for sharing
Now THAT'S a model railway, and with an interesting history behind it, too. Thanks for sharing those photos, Bernhard - some very classy-looking locomotives. Thumbsup Thumbsup

Nutbar, Doc, thanks for your nice comments. I never have seen as a "model railroad", however you are right Wayne, it's a model railroad, a very large model railroad.

Some more photos yet. First an excursion to the more modern fraction - the two battery powered electric engines.
The first one of these engines was built in 1961-62 and I was one the builders while my years of apprenticeship as a steam loco worker. I love the steam locos however I have also very special memories on that time and my work on trucks and frame. The body and outfit was built by the trainees of follow year.

[Image: steamweekend-2015_1372.jpg]

The second electric loco built in the eighties of last century with a higher battery capacity. These both engines are regularly in service on all days of week because the are cheaper in service.

[Image: steamweekend-2015_1373.jpg]

Back to the steam!
Meeting of two steam-powered trains on the 1 1/2 mile long double track section of our park railway.

[Image: steamweekend-2015_1379.jpg]

A tidbit for all steam fans - parallel running of the trains! High ball! in the main station (2 tracks) ...

[Image: steamweekend-2015_1502.jpg]

[Image: steamweekend-2015_1503.jpg]

...and running side by side to next station.

[Image: steamweekend-2015_1504.jpg]

One of the engineers side by side to his "baby" in the backshop.

[Image: steamweekend-2015_1389.jpg]

Preparing for the engine parade ...

[Image: steamweekend-2015_1501.jpg]

All three steam locos side by side ...

[Image: steamweekend-2015_1400.jpg]

... and framed by the more modern electric engines.

[Image: steamweekend-2015_1402.jpg]

And I must say, this was a really nice day with a very lucky end. After this last shot a violent rain came down from heaven - however all pictures were taken!
Cheers, Bernd

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Bernhard, that is great. Especially as you have your very personal memories Applause
Reinhard, thanks!

Yes, I have a lot associations to this park railway, especially to the steam engines.
In 1962 to 66 I worked on a steam engine backshop (the steam era was not ended in Eastern Germany on that time) and one of steam engines was stationed in our backshop between all the large steam engines in one of season-free times of the park railway in winter of that time. We had to do an inspection on frame, running gear, engine and boiler components and all wheelsets were to be removed because the axle bearings of drivers were to be replaced.
I have worked some days at the flat bed throttle which not was absolutely tight in its closed position. After assembling of all parts and finishing the work the boiler were filled and the engine were fired up for checking all functions. And then a short roll test with own steam should be started on the the very short track. The quadrant was positioned to forward direction - and the engine started with a backward move until it was stopped by some heavy timbers which were set into the ties. First a great fright and after a broad laugher! No damages, nothing destroys! The reason was that the main wheel set was built-in laterally inverted. So the engine had to roll in the wrong direction!
This was the only times that I worked at these engines, but the memories on that time is present. However I can refresh my love to steam and these steam engines especially day for day from spring to autumn because I need only 10 minutes with the car to this park with its small railway.
Cheers, Bernd

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You can read some more about my model projects and interests in my chronicle of facebook.

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