Brooklyn 1st Ave waterfront
So what do you think happened? Bad batch of paint or clearcoat? The 1500 looks right at home on the bridge.
Peir I thought maybe I didn't clean it enough before painting but I honestly think it's the tru color primer. I've noticed even when painting locomotives it doesn't stick very well. I probably should have let it dry longer than clear coated it. More than likely I painting over it while it was still a little wet. This go around I scraped off all the loose paint with a tooth brush and skipped the primer.
While I sort of sit and twiddle my thumbs waiting for supplies, I put the mock buildings back on the layout to run some trains around. As I put these foreground buildings back I thought I might be able to replace the middle one with an overgrown vacant lot. I'm slightly torn between keeping the buildings the way they are as kind of a visual break and being able to see more background scenery and street running. Lighting will be addressed also.
[Image: 20181022_101029_zpst8p67niu.jpg]
I got a 4 foot section of track lighting to try out. I would've rather mounted it to the ceiling but it'll be easier to hide the cord in the wall and I also hit a pipe in the ceiling while drilling a hole for the anchor. I know where the studs are in the wall so I'm just going with that to be safe. I'm going to replace this 4 foot section with an 8 footer and put the 4 foot track on the other end of the layout. They don't look as great in the photo as they do in person but here's a before and after

[Image: 20181023_132905_zpsdes6yqor.jpg]

[Image: 20181023_132848_zpsne6zyq4k.jpg]
While I use fluorescent fixtures to light my layout (room), I found that many needed to be moved closer to the front (fascia) edge of the layout, as under normal viewing (or when taking photographs), the subject was in shadow because the lights were centered over the layout.

As you can see in the photo below, the light fixtures in the ceiling are roughly centered within the rectangle of the lighting panel....

[Image: Layoutconstructionviews-August-September2014001.jpg]

....while this more recent photo shows the fixtures (now 8'-ers rather than 4'-ers) closer to the aisle, resulting in more light on the visible side of trains, rather than leaving the viewable side in shadow...

[Image: 100_7555.jpg]

While it was a bit finicky to move the fixtures, the improvement in illumination was worth it.  That 4' fixture at the end of the aisle will be replaced with an 8'-er, too, as it's a little too dark in the back corners of the upper level.

On the lower level, the end is lit by a 4' fixture, but I added an LED fixture in both corners to brighten the area a bit...another annoying job, but worth the effort, I think.

Your lighting looks very good Wayne. I originally wanted to install the lights towards the edge/fascia of the layout to minimize the shadow on the viewing subject but I had some issues trying to mount them to the ceiling. To start off the ceiling in my basement isn't very tall, I'm 6' 4" and in some areas (because the floor is pitched) my head hits the ceiling. If I mount the lights on the ceiling towards the front edge I thought I'd have lights right in my face. Part of the ceiling towards the corner drops down an inch (I assume to hide plumbing, etc.) so I'd have to come up with a way to make an 8 foot section flush with both ceilings. Lastly mounting them to the ceiling I wouldn't be able to hide the power cord as well as I could mounting them to the wall. Now that they're on the wall,  I might try flexible gooseneck lighting fixtures. That should help get the light further away from the wall and more centered on the layout.
I got a few cobblestone styrene sheets that I cut and placed along the street running track. It's not permanently glued down yet but all the segments seem to fit pretty well.

[Image: 20181106_152029_zpsjcl1uklo.jpg]
[Image: 20181106_203334_zpsgkv6rukn.jpg]
[Image: 20181106_205442_zpsgzujgxo9.jpg]
Been a while since my last post but I've been getting a few things done.
The cobblestone street is painted and weathered with a wash. The carfloat is painted and wired with track power. I was messing around a bit with ground cover. Also experimented with Lego garage door kits for the roll up doors for Franklin Polymers and Atlantic Waste.
[Image: 20181117_204051_zpsd9ocrdj3.jpg]
[Image: 20181113_000148_zpsefovoony.jpg]
[Image: 20181108_101442_zpsuy3kestm.jpg]
[Image: 20181201_101131_zpsitfcswq4.jpg]
[Image: 20181201_105945_zps0svb3aqc.jpg]
[Image: 20181201_105320_zpsdlvjjshn.jpg]
[Image: 20181201_131149_zps8axfs1ih.jpg]
[Image: 20181201_131935_zpsapacxjp2.jpg]

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