About our good friend Catt
Mikey (ngauger) asked me to post this:

Quote:This is on facebook:

Hello everyone, Karen here. Sorry to say John passed away yesterday at 1:42 pm.
He has been suffering so much lately. The Doctors couldn't find anything wrong. They did all kinds of tests on him.

This is not the news that any of us wanted to hear. Our prayers are for him and his family. Just a tremendous loss.

Mikey is going to set up something in our fallen flags forum, as is our custom to honor those that we've know and respected for so long....
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My sympathies to his family and friends.

If Catt had had nine lives, I suspect that each would have been lived in a different scale, as he was a master of many.

Once again I find myself saying farewell to another friend. My mother used to tell us that as we get older, we seem to attend more funerals than weddings. 

Catt was a very good online friend. As is the case with so many of you, we never met in person, but we have known each other online for years. He was one of the first Moderators here along with Shamus and I in 2000.   Later, he started the North American Rail Alliance http://www.boylerwerx.0catch.com/nara.html along with Robin (Matthyro). I'm proud to say that a few members here are also members there along with me.

Catt's sense of humor always was a blessing. I always kidded with him that he modeled that abNormal tiny scale, while he would make sure i remembered that I was playing with my huGe scale trains. In our chat room on the original forum, I would address him as JohN or JohNathaN and he would reply nGauger???   Smile Smile

So on it went.  I will always be amazed with his work. He was a great man, a great modeler and a great friend.
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So sorry to hear this. I have know Catt thru this, his forum and RR-Line since around 2000. He was a lot of help to me in finding stuff I needed when I was first getting started in N scale. I have one of his Grande Valley RR boxcars running on my layout. He was always ready to help anybody that needed it. He will be missed.

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Catt and I exchanged many e-mails and PM's over the years. I always found him to be willing to help and share. This was sad news indeed.

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I' m sorry to hear this. John will be missed.

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Very sorry to hear this news.   Catt was a gracious modeler who shared tips and even decals.  He was no nonsense when it was called for but had a great sense of humor.  Condolences to his family and friends.

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