Would it be possible to add a google site search button to the forum. Quite frankly the search provided is almost useless. 
I have been trying to get to a thread that had a post yesterday, but it has been read so it does not show on my unread post list. 
Frankly, nothing seems to be easy any more and I am really wondering why I keep trying. I have worked with computers since 1986 and this forum really makes me think I must be stupid. 
I come here to pass along information and for enjoyment. I am beyond taking a course in forum technology to find my way around. 
I seem to be the only one complaining, but the lack of posts and interest, and the missing people including quite a few moderators tells me I am not the only one that is losing, or has lost interest in this forum. It used to be a fun filled educational place to visit, and I just don't seem to enjoy it any more.
I will keep trying, but I do have a limit.

I know it's sometimes difficult to get around the site, but unfortunately it was a necessary evil.

When I search an unknown site I use Google.
In the search box put: with your search terms after it.

Be sure to include the space after the last /

Google will find what you are looking for there may be an ad or 2 that comes up first, but it works great!!

Like I said - I use it a lot!!!

Since you opened this thread, I know Don & Pat will also see it. Please don't be shy about asking for help. We are all in this to have a fun time together. One of us can help you with most anything here Smile Smile
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~~ I wonder what that would look like in 1:20.3???
Yeah, the search engine for myBB is on a par with the one we had using phpBB. They both are minimal at best. I talked to Pat yesterday and he thinks there could be a plug-in to implement a Google search button. He'll do what he can, in the meantime, we can do like Mikey suggests.

As far a the changes that we made, I don't find it any more difficult to use than the old one. Things are called different names and appear in different places, but I think the basic operation is the same. We had vBulletin way back when, and each forum software packages has their own little quirks and learning curves. It didn't take too long to adapt to using this software, but we really didn't have much of a choice either. The old package was no longer supported and we had frequent crashes. One of which caused us to lose a lot of content, and we could no longer risk using that package.

Participation in forums is universally down and I attribute a lot of that to the increase of social media. One of our goals to to be able to tie into Facebook and other social sites. I don't know how that's going to affect how this site works, but Pat won't make any changes or add-ons unless he's sure that it will blend in and not make things more difficult to use.
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