Weekly Photo Fun 9/27 - 10/3/19
Shore River's SW1500 1125 switches the All State Paper Company.



Went to Strasburg PA to see the Norfolk & Western 611

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A sister from the south shares the yard at Leetown with a regular resident

3 of the 4 major diesel locomotive manufacturers are represented in this twilight view in Tafftown.  FM, EMD, and Baldwin.    
I was looking though some photos of my old layout to see how I put things together there, and if you remember, I had lots of aliens settling there. I also got some help from them putting things in place such as locating the police station that was built off-site and transported by tractor beam on a flying saucer:


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Steam will always rule on the Leetown Division but diesels are starting to appear more frequently.This set of F-units has been a regular sighting lately hauling heavy ore trains from the GERN Bowyer Mine to the GERN Refinery in Port Maitland.

Some neat GE projects.

I recently acquired three new E33 electrics.  The first I have patched out and renumbered as Conrail 4607.  I have another blue one (which will be 4605) and another black one to do (not sure if I want to do 4602 or 4609).  

[Image: 20190808_082708.jpg]

Next on the painting booth, two U28Cs, #6830 and 6833, and another E44A I picked up in December, which I am trying to figure which road number I'd prefer.  

[Image: 20190903_090313.jpg]

#6833 has actually been renumbered by Conrail to make room for the oncoming SD40-2s (it was 6533) during late spring 1979.  Both 6830 and 6833 ran on a train north over the Northeast Corridor on the dispatcher sheet I'm using as a basis to model these engines.   The sheet is for June 4, 1979, and I found a photo of a southbound #6833 On June 2 with full Penn Central lettering but the changed Conrail font "8" present.   While the engine was patched later in the summer/fall,  My guess is that it was still rolling around with its PC paint on June 4th,  so I figured it would be a neat unit to model.  

I'm waiting on Keyser Valley Models screens to finish the unit. Apart from the old Athean Blue Box models, U28Cs aren't really available.  Indeed, early U-boats themselves are not well represented in mass produced models.  These U28C shells came from Custom Model Railroad. 

[Image: 20190904_082622.jpg]

Also under construction is en ex-PC U33C.   I use the Keyser Valley Models U33C conversion kit,  as well as their radiator fairings (the mini wings in front of the radiator) and the radiator screen and core kits.   It looks very neat, but those thin overlay pieces sure were a pain to install, so was all the drilling to make the screens see-thru!   I used an Atlas U36C as a base, and then borrowed a Phase II U30C sill to get the older deck style found on ex Penn Central U33Cs. I'm probably going renumber it Conrail 6561 (a unit that had the newer U-boat trucks and was PC black during its entire existence on Conrail and into its next owner, Guilford),  but I might paint it blue instead.  I am still researching prototypes (since no U33C appeared on my dispatcher sheet to make the choice easy). 

[Image: 20190930_090252.jpg]

[Image: 20190930_090243.jpg]

Those radiator kits look really good.  Have half a mind install them on my other U-boats and C30-7s.  

[Image: 20190930_090317.jpg]

I also have a few new renumbered GP38s, and I repainted my PRSL GP38 to a blacker black than engine black.   I though i took a photo of it with its patches and numbers but I guess not.  

#7838. got slightly too aggressive changing the original number but I can weather to blend it in. 

[Image: 20190808_083911.jpg]

#7661 and 7939.  Fortunately, True-color black is more of a match for the Atlas PC black.  I'm glad I caught this before I painted my other engines with the wrong black!  Might find a a drabber black for 7937's patch,  but it looks better without the flash on.   Thinking about using gloss cote to make it look like the PRSL logos were recently patched (rather than just be flat black across the board). 

#7661 does have its decals on at least, just needs its windows and other little details and it can hit the road!

[Image: 20190816_180209.jpg]
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