Recommended Dremels
Can anyone recommend a good dremel that I could purchase in the Toronto area? I'd be looking at stores such as Canadian Tire or Home Depot, etc. I'd be mainly using this to neatly and evenly cut pieces of plastic. If possible, I wouldn't want to spend more than $50-70 if that's realistic. I'd mostly use this for model trains but there is, of course, the chance I'd use it for other jobs.

I have some 00 scale British coaches that I'm cutting up and reassembling to make them more realistic. Cutting these with a hobby knife is do-able but messy -- and it's very easy to make an error.

Thanks in advance, Rob
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for cross cut's and  and cutting length wise i use a  6&1/2 inch cabinet blade ( 140 tooth ) in my table saw  putting scrap wood in body .
I bought a corded two-speed Dremel with a gift card a few years ago. It suited my needs that went beyond MR activities. However, the switch wore out after a year or two. Debating whether to replace the switch or just get a new one.

If I get a new one, I will get variable speed. I might get a cordless one as a secondary one, but I feel I need the power of a corded one for other household work.
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Thanks, Kevin! So are places like Home Depot, Lowes, Canadian Tire good stores for these? I'll shop around and google, etc.
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While I do have a single-speed Dremel, I prefer my JobMate, with a flexible shaft.  It's a bit larger than a Dremel, and has a variable speed control, and the flexible shaft is great for cutting rail gaps.   I use it a lot, and have had it for over 10 years.

I got mine at Canadian Tire, although the one shown doesn't appear to have the flexible shaft.  If you think it might be useful, by all means buy it, too....I have the tool hanging on a holder (comes with the flex shaft, I think) over my work bench, and almost always use the flexshaft, as it's easy to manipulate and weighs almost nothing.  I believe you also get 2 or 3 collets with the tool, which will accept drill bits and attachments with various shaft diameters, including stuff from Dremel.

Just about everybody sells em'. I have a corded and a cordless. I haven't used the corded in over 15 years.

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Definitely variable speed model or cutting plastics becomes impossible. If you need both hands, you might consider a foot pedal speed control as an option. Look for one that has as many different capabilities as possible, because they are infinitely useful far beyond the modeling world.

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