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After a 15 year plus hiatus from this hobby I'm jumping back in.  No layout plans as yet, but I model the NWP, SP and WP in HO scale.  I'm old school, and plan to stay with straight DC, especially since my collection is mostly blue box Athearn, and some older Kato. My favorite part of the hobby is locomotive re-powering and detailing. When I finally build a layout it will be based upon operations in Northern California...mostly north of Sacramento and Santa Rosa. Glad to have found this forum...
Welcome to Big Blue, RioNorte.

If you're planning to build a layout, I hope that you'll take us along for the ride, with lots of pictures.  My layout is DC too, as it does everything I need it to do.

Welcome back to the hobby and welcome to Big Blue.

If you are so inclined drop into the Hobo Camp whenever you can.

As Wayne says, "we like pictures, lots of pictures."
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RioNorte,  Welcome

Most all of us have taken a hiatus from this hobby at one time or another, WELCOME BACK to the hobby, and welcome to the forums!  Applause Icon_e_biggrin
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I echo the others, WELCOME to Big Blue. Lot's of talent here, always room for more. As Tom says, we love photos, so keep us informed of your progress, and just stop by to chat if that what you feel like doing that particular day.
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Welcome to Blue and welcome back to the hobby. If you like, stop by the campfire and say high.

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Welcome  RioNorte! I also use DC on my home layout although at work we use both DC and DCC. I will warn you that if riled a lot of people here tend to be very agreeable and if provoked can get very helpful as well. As others have said we love pictures! Looking forward to seeing what you are up to.

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Welcome back to the hobby and welcome to big blue. Keep us updated on what you are doing. You will find us very helpful if you need it and we don't push our views on anyone. The hobby is fun and so is the forum. 

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