Getting Narrow M... ähh... Gauged
Awesome work. I am speechless.
Matthew Miller

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I can smell a steam post ten blocks away, and when I do, clear the tracks because the steam express will be hi ballin through

[Image: dsc04689d8k8s.jpg]
There was still something with this loco model which bothered me.
From the fireman's side it looks quite normal.

[Image: dsc04690ojksx.jpg]
But from the engineer's side there is ome very disturbing.
Have a closer look onto the cylinder. Icon_e_surprised 
It seems like this cylinder block is angled forward.
What to do with this? And how i can correct this?

A closer investigation showed the cylinders are an subassembly out of brass sheet and brass castings, a total of 16 parts were soldered together to make this part. And very likely this was done at the manufactory with the aid of several templates. But nevertheless the (trainee?) solderer has achieved to solder the outer part of sheet metal askew which represents the cylinder block covering.
And i have not any of this templates. So the danger is large to accidentally unsolder other parts of the subassembly when i try to correct the askew cylinder. But then i discovered the cover sheet has some small excess ends over the front and aft sheets of the cylinder. And this excess was also askew. At the rear nearly no excess on the top and much excess on the bottom. The front was vice versa.

Icon_idea Take a file and file down the unbalanced excess, so that front and rear side of the side covering sheet became rectangular.

[Image: dsc046934gjdh.jpg]
Done. The cylinder has now straight vertical sides. Only the top portion is still some oblique. But this does not matter so much and i can live with it.

[Image: dsc046910nj0y.jpg]
One last picture; a plastic scale head coupler was mounted and some imperfections straightened out.

This was done last year, as you can see with the date of the photo taken. This loco then was put aside because other projects for earning money had the priority.
There is still much to do with this loco:
- rear boiler extension into cab
- boiler backhead
- cab floor
- cab interior detailing with lots of brass castings
- drilling headlight
- inserting a LED into it
- painting and decalling
- DCC and sound conversion

And not forget; the hunt for a tender for this loco.


meanwhile i started with the Rail Line box car kit. For this i need trucks and what else can be better than the classic Kadees? And it should be quite easy ???

[Image: dsc03955z6k6m.jpg]

One of the narrow gauge trucks was completed. I was astonished, that the narrow gauge trucks were in pieces rather than ready built as their standard gauge counterparts.

[Image: dsc03956h0kyb.jpg]

[Image: dsc03957qnjao.jpg]

It was the first truck which brought me near to the edge of a nervous collapse Crazy

I allocate it to the experts if herding a sack full of fleas is easier as mounting a classic Kadee narrow gauge truck.

 [Image: dsc039584qjw0.jpg]

It starts rather harmless with putting sone tiny springs onto the cones of a plank

[Image: dsc03962hokf6.jpg]

If you managed it to keep all fleas ... ähh... springs stay where they should stay, drop the transverse traverse onto all of the 8 springs. Keep it together!

Then you have to fumble one of the side frames in a 45° angle over the end, hoping on the other end all springs will stay there.

Redo it with the other sinde frame.

If you was sucessful the truck should look as on the photo above.

Time for tea, more exactly herbal tea of the slowdown type.

[Image: dsc03963mljdo.jpg]

You only were sucessful when all of the 8 springs are still there.

Time for another cup of herbal tea.

Those trucks are beautiful, well detailed and worth every sip of tea required. I have trouble installing one spring in a Kaydee couple and I would never attempt this. My tea would require at least an ounce (29.57 ML ) of 100 proof.
I don't comment often but rest assured I read every thing you post. Many of the things you post have helped me understand how to do things, even things I would not dare try. I am anxiously awaiting more progress.
Wow! That is an exercise in extreme patience. I have enough trouble futzing with a single spring on a coupler. 8? That's insane (I think I'd be driven up a very high wall on that job). Well done, and the herbal tea was well deserved.
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