Athearn mp15 beacon light help
Can someone possibly help me out?

When it comes to dcc I am a fossil at best, anyway I have a athearn genesis mp15 with a flashing beacon light on the roof. 
Basically I made an error not sure how & did a factory reset cv 8 to 8 & as a result I've lost the beacon light function. Instead when I press function 5 the engine throttles up slightly. I've tried to look over the manual to see if I can see anything about programming the light to work but I cannot see anything. 

Could someone please tell me what to do to get it working again.
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What brand of decoder?
Factory mounted?
Aftermarket fitted?

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Evening Schraddel

At first I thought it was a factory fitted tsunami but it seems from the paperwork in the box it has a digital DH126D decoder fitted? I purchased the model second user from the hobby store so it could be wrong. I'm a bit of a dinosaur when it comes to technology so hopefully that's the right decoder in the model.


Sorry that meant to say digitrax my phone changed it whilst I was writting
Hello Si,

This is your decoder?
There are some links on this page too.

Have a look into the manual again:
Scroll down to chapter 9.3.5
There is listed what you have to program in which CVs; here it is the value of 038 into CV51.
Then your rotary beacon should be available at function output F1

Thanks Lutz

The paper I have for the decoder doesn't have any info on cv settings it must be missing. I will pop it on the programme track later today.



If the Beacon is wired to the green wire, it is set up for Function 1. To program for Rotary Beacon, CV51 needs to be set to a value of 38.


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