A First Attempt at Weathering
Saying that I was reluctant to weather my cars is an understatement.  I was simply horrified at the idea to take a new car out of its box and make a mess of it with paints or chalks, not to mention a car made from a resin kit and painstakingly painted and lettered.  I had read magazine articles but couldn't decide to go ahead.  And I must admit that I didn't always like the the results I saw. 

After reading advice from Doctorwayne many times and seeing his nice weathered cars, I finally decided to go ahead.  I grabbed a car I had planned to modify and used an airbrush to follow Doctorwayne's advice.  For this first attempt, I did three different things :
  • a light coat of  Red Brown acrylic paint all over the car so the lettering was not so obvious;
  • a light coat of Earth color acrylic paint on the bottom of the car and trucks to simulate dust;
  • a light coat of Black acrylic paint on the roof and top of ends to simulate soot.

All of those paints were well diluted with water.

Here are some photos.





Left : Weathered car.                  Right : a similar car unweathered.


Top : Weathered car.                  Bottom : a similar car unweathered.


It was easier than I thought and I am pleased with those results.  I should have been more generous on the coat of dust on the bottom of the car and trucks though.  I don't like heavy weathering and I tried to stay on the light side, maybe too light.  I will have to practice a lot more before taking one of the kits I have built myself.  There are also other techniques described by Doctorwayne which I should try.

It's just the beginning of a new journey.
Guy from Southern Quebec.
I've often heard that facing a challenge is to take the first step---it appears your successful journey has begun Guy.
Yes, it does look like it's been out in the elements for a while. Nicely done.
Don (ezdays) Day
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Nicely done Guy!
A great first job!

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Looking good!
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Nice results for your first attempt, Guy.  Applause Applause Applause 

I knew that your attention to detail would stand you in good stead when you decided to give it a try.

(01-27-2022, 10:07 PM)doctorwayne Wrote: I knew that your attention to detail would stand you in good stead when you decided to give it a try.


I had a good guide.  Worship

Guy from Southern Quebec.

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