San Miguel Central RR, On30 layout.
I have updated my track plan from HOn3 to On30.
It sure eats up more real estate in On30 compared to HOn3...
[Image: Hxd8DPal.jpeg]
Yes it does. Make sure you allow for buildings twice as big and roads twice as wide as well.

Sent from my pocket calculator using two tin cans and a string
Painted a horse and rider in O scale.
[Image: qWP65zbl.jpeg]

[Image: TcUCrvtl.jpeg]

[Image: upYhEV8l.jpeg]

[Image: vQP6eXTl.jpeg]
I used to avoid painting horses when I was in H0, but now it's real fun.
Excellent details, now try to do one in N scale... that's why I don't have a lot of colorful figures on my layout. Nope 

Nice job
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Great job!
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Here's how I paint my figures.
These are from Aspen modeling company.
[Image: GIATHXZl.jpeg]

After a thorough cleaning that I end with a good soak in Isopropyl alcohol, I prime the models in black acrylics with the airbrush
[Image: g4u7tZSl.jpeg]

[Image: CkNyFm8l.jpeg]

Then i mix a medium grey paint that I airbrush at a 45° to almost horizontal angle from above, leaving the black paint in the negative spaces.
I finish with white that I airbrush almost vertical.
[Image: AIC9Jstl.jpeg]

[Image: XcALZhll.jpeg]
​​​​​​​This gives me a perfect shaded foundation for the paint job that will be all done with brushes and acrylics.
Nice work!

Sent from my pocket calculator using two tin cans and a string
Here's how I do it.
I use water-based paints and the most important thing is to use a slow drying medium!  Otherwise it will not work...
[Image: XanL78vl.jpeg]
The smallest brush I'll use is a #3.

I will paint a "Bay color" horse, so as the base color I use light rust.
It is mixed with slow drying medium and water to make a glaze.
[Image: 90aN7Z6l.jpeg]
It should NOT be laid as a wash, but in thin layers without pooling in the recesses.

[Image: OjYZRDSl.jpeg]
Four layers of glaze.

​​​​​​​[Image: 74VEN3tl.jpeg]
Here I have added a layer of medium rust to warm up the color a bit.

​​​​​​​[Image: uO2AyOel.jpeg]
Mix a lighter version of the base color by using a little white and apply on the lightest surfaces.
I glaze the legs with medium rust.

​​​​​​​[Image: 3OnMeL3l.jpeg]
Here I have painted all the details and the legs with dark rust mixed with black.

​​​​​​​[Image: atq9V0yl.jpeg]
All of the details are highlighted with lighter versions of their base color.
the eyes are painted dark brown.
The metal fittings are painted in aluminum.

​​​​​​​[Image: JMjMcR3l.jpeg]
Mix a dark brown wash and gently apply it around all the details to highlight them.

​​​​​​​[Image: IPitkKgl.jpeg]

​​​​​​​[Image: leRWnELl.jpeg]
The detail you have on those horses are awesome.
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