Duffy's surgery is today
(03-13-2022, 10:33 PM)glenng6 Wrote: Don,
I'm glad to hear he is continuing to progress. My wife has been on Warfarin for about 10 years and it is more like an inconvenience, than a problem. As Tyson said, his levels will have to become stable and once they have an idea of how Warfarin effects him, he will only have to do blood tests approximately once a month. A couple of things to keep in mind. Consumption of green leafy vegetables, should be avoided. The problem is they contain vitamin K, which is a blood thinner. You don't want to be on Warfarin and thin your blood further, by eating green leafy vegetables. Salads should only have Iceberg lettuce. Also, it is important to inform anyone, especially other doctors and dentists, that you are on Warfarin. It must be part of his medical records. Tell him to not fret the small stuff. It really isn't a big deal, if he follows the game plan. Glenn

Thanks Glenn, I forgot about vitamin K. One day I started eating grapefruit again, up goes my INR, "eat things in moderation", says the PA.

One thing my cardiologist said that if Warfarin was up for FDA approval today, it would get rejected. But I guess that it is too widely used to take it off the market. There are other blood thinners out there, but a bit pricey, I just picked up 90 days worth yesterday, zero co-pay.

I will tell him not to fret the small stuff, thanks again for the reminders....
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