New River Coal Mine Modifications
I screwed up !!

Today I was working on this particular corner where I had (have) plans for the coal mine. I am using the Wathers New River Kit, and I thought I had it all thought out as to how it was going to rest on some foamboard I had fashioned to cover the 2 mainline helix tracks running under it.
For some reason I fashioned that foamboard in 2 levels rather than just one,...I don't know why I did that. The problem now is that the 3 tracks under the loader are now at least 1+3/8" too low. It would be nice it I could replace that double level foamboad with a single level one,  BUT that would screw up a couple of things,..1) I can't go lower as I need the higher level in order for double stack cars to run on those mainlines beneath it, and 2) I can't go to the higher option as I can't make the access tracks that steep.

What are my options? Do I dare to try and cut (section) that mine kit down by perhaps 1.25",...or  ??

[/url][Image: DSCF7662.jpg]

[Image: DSCF7661.jpg]

Quote:Maybe coal chutes?

[Image: NS5844.JPG]

I like this idea. Does anyone have other similar images??
try googling coal mine tipple.

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