In The Belly Of The Beast (2)

some months ago a friend of mine came to me and put this onto my workbench:

[Image: dsc09254a0uhp.jpg]
There was an old Athearn SD?? of which he has upgraded the shell. But the motor was still the old one and in this case it was not running well. He also gave me a Kato motor and asked for replacing the Athearn motor with this one.

[Image: dsc093283fuvb.jpg]

[Image: dsc09326fvuzf.jpg]
Although the Kato motor was smaller as the Athearn one, it does not fit.There was some milling required on main frame and ballast weight.

[Image: dsc0932562uxx.jpg]
He asked also for my 3-point suspension for Diesels whis i made here.

[Image: dsc09323gxui2.jpg]
Funiculi ...

[Image: dsc09324qiul8.jpg]
... funicula ...

[Image: dsc09329u7u2j.jpg]
The Kato motor in his milled bed in the main frame.

[Image: dsc09330vtuhq.jpg]
And the counterpart the weight.

[Image: dsc09331f6uyr.jpg]
The drive shafts has been to configurated new. Here the shaft diameter was reduced in diameter.

[Image: dsc093320qu5p.jpg]
The was made because the shaft was elongated by the means of an aluminium tube.
As the old Athearn motors have shaft diameters of 2.4mm and the Kato has only 2.0mm, a reducer also was made out of an piece of aluminum tube.

[Image: dsc093331au9y.jpg]

[Image: dsc09334v9uhi.jpg]
At least the Kato motor fits inside. It has a much smoother running as it's precedessor.

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Some friend! I hope they appreciate your work enough to take you out to dinner! Love your milling machine and lathe - great work making the impossible work!
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