Bowser ALCo RS-3

in March 2019 i ordered ordered two of the then announced ALCo RS-3s from Bowser. In August 2022 one of the reserved units arrived at my dealer.

[Image: dsc06068a0cbf.jpg]

[Image: dsc06069eweoj.jpg]

[Image: dsc06070krfyf.jpg]
My first attempt to fit sound into the loco. Zimo has a new speaker type in their assortement. They use the same 13 x 18mm driver, but fit them into a new lower casing, so the whole speaker is of only 8mm height.
Beforehand said, i was not so amused; but listen yourself: The translated text: "Flat sound capsules produce flat sound too."

#1861 is the new Bowser loco and #1806 is a old Atlas one.
Both locos have the same sound decoder Tsunami 2 installed.
Both locos have the same adjustments of the decoders; in real i paste the sound configurations of #1807 sounddecoder and copy it into #1861 sounddecoder. So they have the exact same CVs and configuration.
The only difference are the speakers.

[Image: dsc0096055frm.jpg]
This is one speaker of #1807 the Atlas ALCo, later i removed the flywheel and installed a second Zimo speaker of 13 x 18 x13mm size

My conclusion:
"Hubraum ist durch nichts zu ersetzen, ausser durch noch mehr Hubraum." (Old American wisdom)
My translation attempt: Cubic capacity can be replaced by nothing, except by still more cubic capacity.

I am going to put things right.


[Image: dsc060713wcf0.jpg]
For comparison, on the left is the 13 x 18 x 13mm speaker which i accustomed to and which i want to be in this loco too.

So let's go to the tractor tool box an fetch some serious hacksaw.
[Image: dsc06072r5iuq.jpg]
The weight on the front end was cut into three pieces. The first cut was just beyond the screws holding this weight. The second cut was just to keep the holder for the tiny LED in place.

[Image: dsc060734mcu7.jpg]
The front oddment was glued direct onto the main frame.
Both speakers were glued together and this connection reinforced by the means of a thin (0.3mm) stripe of styrene.
This block od two speakers was glued onto the weight and this connection reinforced by the means of a piece of 4 x 4mm styrene rod to enlarging the adherend.
The rear oddment of the weight is still fastened by it's original screws. Thus enables the loco still demountable for maintenance work.

It sounds much better!

Cubic capacity can be replaced by nothing, excerpt by still more cubic capacity. Q.E.D.

Having had the luxury of operating a few ALCo's over my railroad career I must say the sound is spot on. Very nicely done.  Worship Worship Worship 
I'm no expert, but that ALCo "burble" sounds pretty-good to me, and the echo of the horn sounds convincing, too.


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