Derelict pickup trucks
A friend gave me a Roco Dogdge and Atlas Ford F-150 pickups to weather . They were both CP rail company trucks.


The Ford F-150


And the dodge

I began with giving both trucks a light spray of vintage white to make the bright yellow look faded. then I masked and sprayed the Dodge's passenger door blue and patch painted the CP Rail logo on the driver's door. The Chrome bumpers and front grills got a light overspray of Grimey black to make them look like tarnished chrome. I then rusted the two out using tube acrylic paint, burnt Umber and Burnt sienna, dabbing on the colors with a very small brush. The last thing I did was to overspray both with Vallejo dirt to tie the weathering elements together.
Great job! Look very realistic.
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Very nicely executed, Glen.   Applause Applause Applause

WOW! very impressive, Glen Applause Applause 

Both look GREAT, very believable, I'm a Ford guy, so that one is my fav  Icon_e_biggrin . I do admit, the rust and replaced door on the Dodge was WELL DONE! Applause
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Well done!

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