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at first, thank you for the comments.

Now a Jetta and a Volvo, i did both simultanously and for this i show them also in this manner:

[Image: dsc057125njhx.jpg]

[Image: dsc057133mjev.jpg]
Both cars with lifted bodies. Both are by Wiking, both are of the Post-Peltzer era and therefore in 1:87 scale. And here they can be simply demounted because these model cars are sticked and locked and no glue was used.
The moonroof of the Volvo was wide opened also.
The Jetta is the family car of a founder family. Daddy at the helm, mom on the co-driver's seat and the child on the backseat bench.
The Volvo is the car of a better suited middle class middle aged family. Daddy waving to someone, mom is looking into the shallows of her handbook and the adolescence daughter is wiping her iphone. Wait a minute ... This is the late 1980's, no smart phones were then available. It must be an Tamagotchi.

[Image: dsc05716b2j5f.jpg]

[Image: dsc05719sikjp.jpg]
The founders in their Jetta.

[Image: dsc05717m6jdj.jpg]

[Image: dsc057204nj3r.jpg]
The upper middle class familly in their Volvo.

[Image: dsc05714t7jyw.jpg]

[Image: dsc0571558k23.jpg]
Two more cars occupied. Missing still their license plates (they were ordered).

Those are some nicely done vehicles, Lutz, and the drivers and passengers really enhance the look.   Applause Applause Applause 

I have some vehicles with drivers and passengers, too, but most of them needed to undergo some major surgery just to fit into their vehicles.  The upside is, that without legs, I don't have to worry about speeders on some of my less-than-ideal road surfaces.

Great work Lutz. I like the sunroof detail
Great work!! Love the details of the people Smile Smile
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~~ I wonder what that would look like in 1:20.3???

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