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at first, thank you for the comments.

Now a Jetta and a Volvo, i did both simultanously and for this i show them also in this manner:

[Image: dsc057125njhx.jpg]

[Image: dsc057133mjev.jpg]
Both cars with lifted bodies. Both are by Wiking, both are of the Post-Peltzer era and therefore in 1:87 scale. And here they can be simply demounted because these model cars are sticked and locked and no glue was used.
The moonroof of the Volvo was wide opened also.
The Jetta is the family car of a founder family. Daddy at the helm, mom on the co-driver's seat and the child on the backseat bench.
The Volvo is the car of a better suited middle class middle aged family. Daddy waving to someone, mom is looking into the shallows of her handbook and the adolescence daughter is wiping her iphone. Wait a minute ... This is the late 1980's, no smart phones were then available. It must be an Tamagotchi.

[Image: dsc05716b2j5f.jpg]

[Image: dsc05719sikjp.jpg]
The founders in their Jetta.

[Image: dsc05717m6jdj.jpg]

[Image: dsc057204nj3r.jpg]
The upper middle class familly in their Volvo.

[Image: dsc05714t7jyw.jpg]

[Image: dsc0571558k23.jpg]
Two more cars occupied. Missing still their license plates (they were ordered).

Those are some nicely done vehicles, Lutz, and the drivers and passengers really enhance the look.   Applause Applause Applause 

I have some vehicles with drivers and passengers, too, but most of them needed to undergo some major surgery just to fit into their vehicles.  The upside is, that without legs, I don't have to worry about speeders on some of my less-than-ideal road surfaces.

Great work Lutz. I like the sunroof detail
Great work!! Love the details of the people Smile Smile
~~ Mikey KB3VBR (Admin)
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~~ I wonder what that would look like in 1:20.3???

[Image: dsc06228doc77.jpg]
This is the Corvette which Deputy Buford T. Justice has stopped in the article about LED lights.
Jimmy has speeded over the limit to impress macho style his new acquaintance and this was the result. $$$ ticket and much worse special instructions by Buford T. Justice in his matchless manner.

Great story, Lutz! Big Grin Big Grin
~~ Mikey KB3VBR (Admin)
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~~ I wonder what that would look like in 1:20.3???

convertibles in H0 Scale have often their own challenges:

[Image: dsc05534mijt9.jpg]

[Image: dsc05535w1jy0.jpg]

[Image: dsc055362aj12.jpg]
First i thougt, oh that's easy, just drop the figurines into and fix them. A typical case of thunked wrong.
You can't cutting the figurines here, because you will see garbling immediately. With closed cars you can cut off legs or even place only the upper half of a figurine body into the vehicle, it does not matter because the roof hinders you to see it.
So here with the convertible leave the figurines mostly untouched. You can strech legs, decline heads, repositing arms, but you should not remove extremities to squeeze figurines into the car model.

Digging deeper; most miniature vehicles have a much to thick floor plate. Often tis is doubled, the actual floor plate which carries axles and wheels and acting as the chassis. And an additional floor plate which is carrier for the seats. Thus causing the seat area in general is too high according to the car body. Placing figurines, even with stretched legs, don not work. Of course you can do it, but then the heads are looking above the windshield. Nope
Another factor is the seat cushion. When you take place into your car, you will push down the cushion of your seat and this will give you a comfortable seating. With H0 Scale vehicles this is not so. The seats are rigid and show the status as unoccupied.
What you can do, is to cut the most of the buttocks of the figurine away and some of the seat area too. This will lower the figurine into the car.
In this case as pictured above is was'nt enough, i had to remove the second upper floor plate completely. Then it was possible to place the figurines into this 1961 Chevrolet Impala Convertible as shown (Oxford model).

Hi there Lutz,
just wanted to let you know I'm amazed by the detail that people on the layout can make. You even went beyond to make it immersive, thank you for sharing.
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