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Thanks Tom.

I spent yesterday building interior components, starting with the machine shop tools


Interaction also makes some good looking interior parts that I've been collecting for awhile. Here is their machine shop tools pack. It includes two lathes, one milling machine, one bandsaw four worktables and some hand tools, all laser cut.


It only took about an hour to assemble the tools and get them ready for paint. Mostly you are layering on basswood and resin board parts, then sanding the joints smooth.


I painted the two lathes and the bandsaw in Model master interior green, the milling machine in a medium gray. The tables were painted in a few different colors, depending on what they were going to be used for. Any details were painted with fine tip markers.
I also scratch built a drill press from styrene shapes. I have one at work so eyeballing the dimensions was pretty easy.


The machines are fairly well detailed, especially since they will be viewed through the windows.


I panted the hand tools in steel and I'll just pop them out of the carrier as I need them.


With those done I went on to build up some bookcases, file cabinets and some chairs, also done by interaction.


The book cases are time consuming, but not difficult. The books are laser-engraved into a thin piece of birch.

I used some 005 micron pens to color the books. I started with painting the recesses between the books in black.


Then I colored the individual books in various colors. I decided to do and experiment on one of the book cases, spray painting the front all in black, then lighting sanding it off so only the recesses remained black before coloring the books. This worked a bit faster and saved the wear on my black pen.


Then it was just assembling them and the filing cabinets.


Finally I assembled three chairs and a table. The chairs are sooo small and fragile.
I also have a couple desks that are already made. The only thing I'm missing is a drafting table which I'll probably try to scratchbuild.
Great work, and that's a great suggestion on the fine-tip markers. Gonna shop for those in the next couple of days. Love the detail stuff, especially the lathes and bookshelves! Looking forward to looking into the shop when complete.
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Thank you. I found my markers in Michaels, a craft store but Hobby Lobby in the US would most likely have them.

I assembled the last parts for the first floor interior today:

Workshop shelves and drawers. I figure they would be good storage for tooling for the machines. 


The shelves are a slot-together affair, with the sides and back glued on. the drawers are optional on the bottom. There are door fronts for the drawers which I added and there are drawer door handles that I didn't as they are so small they wouldn't be seen in the application that I'm using them. The kit also come with laser cut wood boxes and a short length of wood dowel to make items for the shelves.


All assembled and ready to go. 

I made a dry fit for where I'm placing the machines, tables and other parts:


I didn't want to crowd it too much. I've worked around machine shops and you definitely need a fair amount of space around a lathe and milling machine. I'm probably going to add the second set of shelves as well, I have two more I can make fore the second story's engineering dept.


The view through the front windows. I have my desk lamp just over the top of the walls and I figure that my LED lighting won't be quite as bright but you get the idea.
Glued the machines and tables down tonight:

I added some details to the tables, tools and items being worked on. I also added some extra staining to the floor and tables. I'm going to add a second shelving unit just above the milling machine but I'll wait until that wall is installed.


I also painted up a couple Prieser figures for the machine shop floor. (beware machinists wielding hammers)
I finished off the first floor today, starting with adding the lighting strip and wiring.

The light strip has  3m adhesive on it's back but I used some epoxy to glue the wiring to the underside of the second floor and painted the wires so they won't be seen.  Then I pulled the wires through the styrene tube I had installed, installed the floor and tried out the lighting.


Looks good to me. Enough light to see the interior without it being overwhelming. 


I almost didn't want to put the sidewall up.


But I did. everything fit well except that I had placed the milling machine too close to a wall brace. A quick wilting down of the brace and everything fit fine.   


I made a small raised work surface/box so I can keep the structure flat while working on it and thread the wiring through. 

And it is large enough for the shed and boiler room additions


I have started to detail the second floor for the engineering department. The floor has a scribed basswood overlay. I added handrails to the stairs and around the stair hole. These came from a Central Valley fence and railing set. I can soon add the office furniture. That reminds me:

I scratchbuilt a couple drafting tables for the engineers. I used some scrap birch plywood from one of the interaction interior kits for the table tops and cast-off scale lumber for the legs and structure. I still need to clutter the desk tops with plans and papers but the structure is there.
Great job Glen. I admire you for even thinking about this kit but to see what you have done is amazing. I am hunbled by the great modeling both you and Todd are doing at this time. I will be happy when I get my desk cleared so I too can assemble some kits.
Flat out awesome detail work on the interior, Glen. Interaction should use you as an example of the integration of all of the kits they sell! On that same vein, thanks for introducing me to this company - just really neat stuff.
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Thanks guys. 
I've finished the top floor. 


I placed the office furniture in a way that it would be sensible and easy to see from the windows. I found a small do-dad in my hardware collection that I placed on the center table and drew a sketch of it on the paper next to it. 


I painted up some office staff, a mix of Prieser, juneco and some unknow manufacturers. I did find it difficult to find seated figures that weren't obviously passengers. 



Next the main roof and second floor lighting.
Awesome work. I love the details.
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Thanks Tom. I've been away with some other projects but I made some progress this weekend.


It was pointed out that I did not add washroom facilities to the building. I made a small room in the back right corner for just such a purpose. As it turns out, that's also where some vent pipes are located on the model.


It is also fitting that one of the window fans are located here. To give the room some privacy, I masked the wall with some post-it notes and sprayed dulcote over the widow to frost up the glass.


I then turned my attention to the roof. I wanted to make the roof removable so I bordered the inside with 1/8" square basswood. I left the corners to allow the interior wall braces clearance.

Then the test fit. There are holes in the back right for vent pipes and a square that you car remove for a chimney. I decided not to go with the chimney as my interior wasn't designed for one. I also figured that since this building has a boiler house, that would be how the structure would be heated. 


The kit has some black construction paper for the tar paper. It works well, if you can get it to stick right. I had to spot glue a few places after to get it to lay right for me. After the glue is dry, you cut out the skylight holes.


There are 24 rafter tails to install. since the roof is removable, the rafters are glued to the roof only.


Disaster struck as I was finishing the roof. I had airbrushed it with Vallejo Blue gray, then I sprayed Vallejo's clear acrylic matt over it. somehow it turned this molted, speckled finish. I ended up airbrushing the blue-gray back over to fix it.
 It does have an interesting texture to the roof now. I'll be adding some chalk weather down the road.

I added lighting the same way I did the first floor. It was a little tight getting all the wires down the styrene tube.


And with the lights on. This pretty much finished up the main building. Next are the two lean-tos. The one is a wood storage shed, the other is the brick boiler house. I'd like to color the bricks in red-brown traditional brick color, but the bricks are laser engraved in concrete cinder block size (I checked the measurements) I'm trying to decide what to do there.

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Awesome work - can't wait to see what this looks like on your layout!
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Wow and double Wow. That is an awesome job, the interior detail is great. 

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