And he said, "let there be light...and ZAP!!
Well, if my sanity was ever in doubt, this will surely convince everyone that I'm not really all that sane, anyway!! :o
Yesreday, being the beautifully warm that it was, I invited my beautiful wife to assist me in stringing the power line from the basement of the house, at the main circuit breaker panel, under the deck, and into the woods, Uh...I mean into the train room. So , after much struggling, and straining of old and worn out joints, we finally got'r done. Today was "D-Day." So I made certain there weren't bare wires left hanging around, installed some light bulbs, and tthrew the circuit breaker. Nothing happen. So far so good. I then went back out to the train room, and flipped on the light switch. Wow!!! The lights came on!! All except for those on the wall. H-m-m-m. Oh, yeah! I don't have the power connected to the switch yet. Oh, well, I'll fix that in a hurry! I'll just cut the feeder wire, here and....ZAP !!! Eek Wow !! That sure was a pretty shade of orange!!! Wha hoppen to da lights, man??? Dey hev all gone out!!! Eek Uh, yeah, Carl, you just blew the circuit breaker!! 35 35 All is well here in la-la land!!! We got the lights back on, did some more re-wiring, with the circuit on, and only have a very minor problem that will take some time, but other than was your day???
I only know what I know, and I don't understand very much of it, either.
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...prophesy not unto us right things, speak unto us smooth things, prophesy deceits...

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Yeah..The lights in the layout room are out, but now the bathroom light won't turn off.
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Quote:and only have a very minor problem that will take some time,

Yeah, some hair spray, or gel will help, until you can cut off the damage. Icon_twisted
We always learn far more from our own mistakes, than we will ever learn from another's advice.
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Kids, don't do this at home. This is only done by crazed model railroaders who will do anything to build a layout. 357

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Ha! Glad you are able to tell us about it! Icon_lol Icon_lol Icon_lol

I tried to rewire a light switch without doing the breaker thing once. Just once!

And hey! Be careful out there!
Be careful! I'm so paranoid, I turn off the breaker, then get out the voltmeter to test that the juice is really off 35
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Actually, I had a friend who was an electrician. He was in his eighties when he wired a house I was having built in Az. He said he always had the power on when he did any wiring. He said, "How else will I know if I've done it right the first time?" I usually install/replace light fixtures, switches, outlets, etc with the power on. Same reason he did it. I've gotten shocked a few times, but not as bad as I have when I used to work on cars with HEI!!
I only know what I know, and I don't understand very much of it, either.
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Well, the best way to know if you did it right the first time is to KNOW HOW to do it right! :hey:

For most electricians, can't say all, working hot circuits is never a matter of choice, but necessity.
I have made some modifications to industrial control panels while hot, but ONLY because the
production equipment could not be shut down. Working 480 circuits hot will definitely make
you use more caution, let alone higher potentials. I wonder if that guy ever worked on any 220KV? Goldth
Not for long!

My advice is to always turn off the breaker. I mean, why in the world not? I will always do this when possible,
even on 120V equipment. Reminds me of those guys on TV letting themselves get tasered, just so they will
"know what it feels like." That's just a bunch of macho BS.

I don't have to take a 7.62 to know it will kill me! Eek

just my 0.14RMB
Carl , Please do not get any ideas to clean up messes around the home with gasoline!!!!!!!!!!!
Glad you are OK.

Everyone wants to go to heaven , just not right now .
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I was a volunteer fireman for over 8 years. So, I don't even allow flammable liquids any where within the living quarters. And if I don't know the flammability of something, I don't buy it. Case in point, I found a good deal on vinyl wallcovering, but I don't know how flammable it might be, or what its flash-point is. So, although I would love to have it to cover the walls and ceilings of my train room, I'm not going to purchase it.
The slogan on my hardhat read "Safety Pays Carl." It still does.
I only know what I know, and I don't understand very much of it, either.
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I always turn the power off before working on the wiring. I also make sure that in the case of fuses, I put the fuse in my pocket or tape off the breaker and I turn the power on/off myself.

Once I asked my brother if the power was off. Yup! he replied.
Next thing I knew, sparks were flying! After a volley of curses, Curse Curse the power was turned off and I told my brother that next time, he is on his own for repairs if he insists on this nonsense.

I figure, it takes a grand total of five minutes to turn off the power and ensure it is turned off. Recuperation from injuries takes considerably longer!

Sgtcarl: You were mentioning about the vinyl wall covering. Where did you see it? If in a store, they should have all that info (flash point etc) available as it is being sold to the public. Other than that, I don't blame you for being careful. I remember one time the house that my brother owned and rented out had some stuff on the walls of the furnace room. It looked like some kind of fibre board. The fire department insisted that it get removed and replaced with drywall (which we did) and I took a piece outside. I was curious so I lit it with a lighter to see how fast it would ignite.
Darned glad it was outside as that piece lit up like it was soaked in gasoline and pretty much burnt to ashes within seconds. :o Confusedhock:
I hate to imagine that happening with that stuff on the walls and ceiling.
Well, actually, the stuff was being sold at a "Habitat Store." But since everything they sell is donated, I don't think they would know any of the specs. They had several large rolls of the stuff, some wrapped in plastic and a few just rolled up. I tried to see if their was any info printed on the ones wrapped in plastic, but these rolls contained approx. 100 feet of the stuff, and were way too heavy to move.
I only know what I know, and I don't understand very much of it, either.
Member: AEA, American Legion, Lions Club International
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