Four Canadian Boxcars
Taking a break from the layout for a bit, I've been working on a number of rolling stock projects. I seem to collect a lot of kits even though I already have the new layout pretty much full. I guess that's typical with Modeler though.

Starting from the front is a Proto2000 DD boxcar, built right from the box, Beside it is a 40' Boxcar from Front Range, Left rear is a Branchline Boxcar and the right rear is a Accurail Outside braced boxcar. The branchline car was a second-hand car, missing a ladder, I replaced them all with Tichy ladders and match the paint up as best I could. I bit of weathering and they should blend in. The accurail car will be a CP car with moderate weathering, something similar to what I did with a Proto stack car a while ago.


The DD boxcar will be wearing the CP 'script' scheme. CP had one such car as an experiment, painted in 1959 so it would be almost brand new on my layout. 


Now the front Range car poses a bit of a challenge. Originally is was painted in Santa Fe but after I stripped it and repainted it the very fine panel lines on the car sides disappeared. I'm thinking of either drawing the panel lines in with a fine pencil or micron pen or masking and airbrushing the panel lines in with some darker brown/black. 
I re-scibed the panel lines on the front range boxcar:

I used the branchline boxcar as an example and scribed the lines to match. at first I was a bit concerned that I had scribed a bit too deep but I used a chisel x-acto blade to remove the raised lip of each scribed line and they went back to a reasonable size.
Since this is a welded car I replaced the kit's wood roofwalk with a tichy metal one and also used Tichy's Canadian ladders with the integrated stirups.

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