Big Blue up/down 44 error issue
We seem to have an unknown issue with our server or software. We will occasionally go down with a "44" error for no reason. Sometimes it's just for a few minutes, today it went on for a few hours. Pat checks for issues and cannot find anything wrong and by golly, Big Blue springs to life once again. If we ignore the error, it doesn't seem to matter, Big Blue still comes back up on it's own. We suspect it could be that since we are on a shared server, someone else is hogging all the bandwidth. If we do that, GoDaddy will slap our wrists and tell us what bad people we are, so it's a mystery why we go down in the first place, and why we come back up without doing anything.

The point is, if you encounter a 44 error and can't access Big Blue, don't panic, just wait a few minutes and try again. It will eventually come back on it's own.
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