Our second 2023 auction, Car Builders Dictionary
We are offering a copy of the Car Builders Dictionary, 1879 and republished in 1971. The book measures 8' X 5"X 1.75" and is in fair condition for it's age. The book is being donated by our member, FiaFan, and  will be shipped from his address. The donor of this book has generously offered to pay shipping charges on this item, so consider that when you make your bid. We will limit that to the Contiguous US and Canada though.

Now, let’s get started. We are offering this over 50-year old book to the highest bidder. Here are the bidding rules:
  1. There is no minimum bid and no reserve, the highest bidder at the time the auction closes will get the book.

  2. Please keep you bid raises in increments of at least fifty cents and preferably a dollar or more. 

  3. You can bid publicly by posting it in this thread. This thread is for bidding only; any comments or questions should be made in this "questions" thread or  by PM to either ezdays or ngauger. Non-bid posts will be deleted from this thread.

  4. If you want to enter an anonymous bid (just like the rich and famous do), you can PM either ezdays or ngauger and we will bid on your behalf, (we will post the bid amount, but keep your name confidential, just like at those big auction houses). You may also want to give us the maximum you would want to go and we’ll bid for you by adding fifty cents above the last bid, up the maximum that you have set, again, just like Christie’s does for the big boys.

  5. The auction will run until midnight, EST, February 25th, at which time we will announce the winner and ship the book to them.

  6. The successful bidder will pay all shipping costs. It will be shipping from the US via USPS mail or UPS if cheaper.

  7. Payment can be by PayPal, check or MO. We will give the winner instructions on how and where to pay.

Remember, 100% of the proceeds from this auction is to help keep Big Blue running, so we are depending on you for your support and hope to give something back in return.

Good luck to you all.

Don (ezdays) and Mikey (ngauger)

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