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  Weekly Photo Fun 5/24-5/30 2019
Posted by: Charlie B - Yesterday, 07:35 PM - Forum: Shutterbug area - Replies (2)

The local is stalled on the grade into town. The engineer told the trainmaster there were too any cars so now they are waiting for help. The conductor had to walk a mile to the nearest phone. By the time the helper arrives they will be needing a dog catcher too.     Charlie

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  Attaching NWSL gearbox to frame?
Posted by: nachoman - 05-20-2019, 12:38 PM - Forum: Engineer's Technical Workshop - Replies (2)

I am making using a small NWSL gearbox to power an HOn3 steamer.  Does the gearbox need to be attached to the frame in any way, or can it jut "float"?  The reason I ask is that the gearbox has no places to attach it - anywhere, and no place where you can drill the housing for an attachment screw.

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  bitcoin blackmail possible password hacking
Posted by: hillyard999 - 05-18-2019, 10:03 AM - Forum: Forums Issues, requests, and FAQ - Replies (4)

Hello Blue

It is possible my Blue password has been captured somehow, so I changed it today.

I received an email to my main email (recovery) address claiming the sender had my password (correct)
but did not include my Blue username nor send to my Blue message account. Since I have used variations of this password in other venues, am not sure if the problem originated here or in other accounts.

Sender claimed to have taken control of my computer & webcam, threatened to release "embarrassing" data to my email list if I did not pay up through Bitcoin.

Thought you should know.  Has anyone else had this happen?
Is it possible a hacker may have obtained the password on the BigBlue site?


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  Weekly Photo Fun 5/17 - 5/23/19
Posted by: bdw9535 - 05-17-2019, 07:15 PM - Forum: Shutterbug area - Replies (5)

Shore River had two cars of lime to be set out at Declan Grain.



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  Big Blue's 10th anniverary celebration
Posted by: ezdays - 05-16-2019, 06:29 AM - Forum: Forum Announcements - No Replies

These Big Blue Train Forums hit their tenth anniversary on Dec. 17, 2018. We've been a bit slow it kicking off any celebrations, but times have changed and we're not as speedy or agile as we were even a few years ago.

We're starting our celebration with a auction of a special N scale car. It's our way of helping to support Big Blue and get something back in return. Our way of saying, "Thank You". Check out the auction right here.

There's more to come, but this is a start, so even if you're not into N scale, we hope it will be a treasured keepsake, enough for you to bid and take it home.

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  N scale auction, comments & questions
Posted by: ezdays - 05-15-2019, 09:05 AM - Forum: Big Blue Support Activities - No Replies

This is the thread where you can post any question or comments regarding the current N scale 10th anniversary car auction

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  2019 Anniversary celebration N scale auction
Posted by: ezdays - 05-15-2019, 09:03 AM - Forum: Big Blue Support Activities - Replies (9)

2019 auction #1: N scale anniversary car----
Well folks, this is the kickoff to our tenth anniversary celebration. We opened as Big Blue Train Forums on December 17, 2008 and have kept our promise of no ads and no sponsors. This is one way to help get the much-needed funds to keep us going, but a way to give something back in return. We're opening an auction of a hand painted and detailed Big Blue Trains N scale decorated 40' boxcar. The car has been stripped, repainted in Big Blue colors, decorated in our Anniversary scheme and clear-coated. Along with the new Big Blue logo, it has the “10th Anniversary Special” lettering. Also, note that this car has a unique number that will not appear on any other Big Blue or BB&G rolling stock. We will leave any weathering to its new owner if they think it’s appropriate. This car, we hope, will become treasured and be a show of pride for your membership and support of the Big Blue Train Forums, even if you're not into N scale. The car features sliding doors, magnetic truck-mounted couplers and a weight of 1.1 oz, thanks to the load of steel as can be seen in the photos.
Please note, for you non-N scale modelers, we have a few surprises in store, but this is your chance to own a genuine Big Blue N scale treasure regardless of what scale you model in.



Now, let’s get started. We are offering N scale, 40’ boxcar #BBT 100501 to the highest bidder. Here are the bidding rules:

  1. There is no minimum bid and no reserve, the highest bidder at the time the auction closes will get the car.
  2. Please keep your bid raises in increments of at least fifty cents and preferably a dollar or more.
  3. You can bid publicly by posting it in this thread. This thread is for bidding only; any comments or questions should be made in this  thread or by PM to either ezdays or ngauger. Non-bid posts will be deleted from this thread or moved to the comments thread.
  4. If you want to enter an anonymous bid (just like the rich and famous do), you can PM either ezdays or ngauger and we will bid on your behalf, (we will post the bid amount, but keep your name confidential, just like at those big auction houses). You may also want to give us the maximum you would want to go and we’ll bid for you by adding one dollar above the last bid, up the maximum that you have set, again, just like Christie’s does for the big boys.
  5. The auction will run until June 15th, at which time we will announce the winner and ship the car to them.
  6. The successful bidder will pay all shipping costs. That cost is estimated to be under $5.00US.
  7. Payment can be by PayPal, check or MO. We will give the winner instructions on how and where to pay.
Remember, 100% of the proceeds from this auction is to help keep Big Blue running, so we are depending on you for your support and hope to give something back in return.
Good luck to you all.

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  helium car
Posted by: jim currie - 05-12-2019, 08:58 PM - Forum: Scratchbuilding and kitbashing - All Scales - Replies (6)

in one of my other posts I mentioned I was working on 4 old AHM helium cars I had  to upgrade them to some what closer to prototype .
the first thing to go was the 33 inch tango trucks  replaced with 36 inch wheeled Bettendorf frames and body mounted KaDee's
though they are not a exact match to the proto type they still look much better
  next was to get rid of the wooden walk ways with tichy open grid ones 

I want to replace the cast on ladder's and grabs  with wire ones and the steps with tichy  ones. , this is where the problem lies both sides and one end would be no problem to remove cast on  ladder details , the b end would be hard to remove ladder as it runs through a lot of detail , now this is where I hope Wayne  chips in I was thinking of remove the grabs and just the cast on rungs on the ladders leaving the rails  . what do you all think would it improve the look ?

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  La Belle Old Time Passenger Cars...
Posted by: doctorwayne - 05-11-2019, 12:34 PM - Forum: Swap Meet - No Replies

I'm looking for reasonable offers on these partially-built La Belle kits representing old-time passenger cars.  The kits, in their original boxes, are, as mentioned, partially-built, but the workmanship seems to be rather well-done.  It appears that all original parts, not yet used, are still in the boxes, but I cannot confirm that for certain.  Instructions are included for each car, and there's also interior details with some of them.
As is the case with older kits like this, no trucks or couplers are included.  You may be able to find Central Valley trucks for these cars at a train show, but Walthers offers several ones which could be suitable, too.

I'm offering these as either a lot or as single items, and am looking for a buyer/buyers who would not only appreciate older kits like this, but also be able to finish the construction, as it would be a shame to not complete them.  These are not,  in my opinion, suitable for beginners.

A 1905 coach...

[Image: La%20Belle%201905%20coach%20-%201.jpg]

[Image: La%20Belle%201905%20coach%20-%202.jpg]

...1905 combine...

[Image: La%20Belle%201905%20combine.jpg]

...1900 parlor car...

[Image: La%20Belle%201900%20parlor%20car.jpg]

...and a 1903 observation car...

[Image: La%20Belle%201903%20observation%20car.jpg]

If you're interested in any of these cars, please contact me via PM.


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  American Flyer Train Set...
Posted by: doctorwayne - 05-11-2019, 12:09 PM - Forum: Swap Meet - Replies (22)

I'm looking for offers on this American Flyer train set, which includes the following items...

...a 4-4-2 Atlantic locomotive with a Wooten-style firebox and an accompanying tender...

[Image: American%20Flyer%20loco%20%20tender_1.jpg]

[Image: American%20Flyer%20loco.jpg]

[Image: American%20Flyer%20tender.jpg]

[Image: American%20Flyer%20loco%20%20-%202.jpg]

...a gondola...

[Image: American%20Flyer%20gondola%20-%202.jpg]

[Image: American%20Flyer%20gondola%20-%201.jpg]

...tank car...

[Image: American%20Flyer%20tank%20car.jpg]

...refrigerator car...

[Image: American%20Flyer%20reefer.jpg]

...and a caboose...

[Image: American%20Flyer%20caboose%20-%201.jpg]

[Image: American%20Flyer%20caboose%20-%202.jpg]

Also include are 13 pieces of straight track and 16 pieces of curved track...

[Image: American%20Flyer%20track.jpg]

...two turnouts, one right and one left...

[Image: American%20Flyer%20turnout.jpg]

...along with a semaphore signal...

[Image: American%20Flyer%20semaphore.jpg]

...and a transformer...

[Image: American%20Flyer%20transformer.jpg]

The motor armature in the locomotive can be easily turned manually, but because the cord on the transformer is in very poor condition, I was unable to test if it will actually run.

There are no original boxes or accompanying literature, but the items appear to be in reasonable condition, although certainly not like-new.  I will replace the transformer
cord if you wish, or leave it in place if you want to do it as a restoration rather than a simple replacement
I have no idea of this set's age, but would guess that it dates from the '50s at the earliest, as the locomotive and tender, along with all of the rolling stock, has plastic bodies.

Unfortunately, shipping will likely be extra, unless you're within semi-reasonable driving distance, in which case I might be able to deliver it.

If you can offer any additional info on this set, I'd appreciate hearing it, so feel free to add it here.

For anyone interested in purchasing this set, please contact me via PM.



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