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  Weekly Photo Fun 8/14 - 8/20/20
Posted by: bdw9535 - Yesterday, 03:05 PM - Forum: Shutterbug area - Replies (3)

A Conrail coal train on it's way to Atlantic Electric's Perch Cove Power Plant.



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  Weathering Modern Rolling Stock
Posted by: Schraddel - Yesterday, 03:41 AM - Forum: Weathering - Replies (3)


as i wrote in another thread, i have purchased some modern cars for Fremo operations. Taking advantages of sales and reduced prices at least i get a colourful mix of modern cars. And when you are accustomed to the dark colours of elder eras, the modern era cars are comparatively very colourful.
Something has to happen to these bright shiny cars. In real this is the work of Jürgen who has specialized to this art of work. In return i reworked some of his locos and turned them into runners like a dream.

[Image: dsc01415g0j7o.jpg]
Let' start with a blue one. CSX and clean cars are two different universes. So Jürgen occupied my workshop, locked me out and began exercising his vodoo.

[Image: dsc02453aijes.jpg]
That was the result.

[Image: dsc03946kts1a.jpg]
Another candidate.

[Image: dsc024510rjmg.jpg]
We were astonished, these white gons were relatively clean. We have looked to nearly hundred photos of the prototype.


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  Caboose Industrie's ground throws...
Posted by: doctorwayne - 08-09-2020, 08:51 PM - Forum: Swap Meet - Replies (6)

I'm offering a number of Caboose Industries sprung ground throws, in both HO and N scale.  All but one have been used on my HO layout, and all work perfectly well.  (The main difference between the N and HO versions is that the base on the latter is slightly larger than that on the N scale version.)

I have 6 in HO scale, and 39 in N scale, plus two with electrical contacts - useful for controlling power to the tracks or whatever else you can dream-up.  One is used, the other new-in-the-package.

My preference would be to sell all to one buyer, and in that case, I would pay the shipping for anywhere in North America.

Otherwise, because these items are so small, postage may become an issue for buyers, as even one or two would have to be in a package big enough to at least not get lost in transit.

I prefer to work through PayPal for this, and want to make it very clear that all proceeds will go to the support of our Big Blue Forum.

Here's the bunch...


For those not familiar with this product, an outline of the installation process:

Place the switch points on your turnout at the mid-throw position, then block it in-place using stripwood or strip styrene, although even masking tape will work.  If your turnout doesn't come with headblocks, take a couple of spare ties or suitably-sized stripwood to create the headblocks on which the switchstand will sit.
Place the throw handle at its mid-throw position (vertical), then insert the pin moulded on the bottom of the control arm into a suitable hole in the extension of the turnout's throwbar. 

The ground throw can then be spiked or screwed in-place - I used Atlas track spikes, and in most cases, they can simply be pushed-in using pliers, even in plywood.  Remove the blocking from the turnout, then flip the handle in either direction to make the points move, and flip it in the other direction to change the routing.  The interior spring ensures good contact.
These turnout controls are very durable, and I have never had one fail.  That's why I'm still using them in all of my staging yards.

It's not my intention to discriminate against any buyer, but I'm going to leave this offer on the table for a week, in hopes of attracting someone who will buy the lot.  In the meantime, lemme know your needs, and if no one wants them all, they'll be sent out in the order received.
The price for the ground throws is $3.00 apiece, and for the two with electrical contacts, $4.00 apiece.  For a buyer who wants the whole shebang, I'll throw-in the latter two for free (don't worry, I'll still see that Big Blue gets the money for them). 
The prices are below current prices for new ones, so you could easily buy the whole lot, and sell-off the extras, perhaps making some money for yourself.

The search for the buy-them-all person will end at midnight (E.S.T.) on Sunday, August 16, 2020, and if that person is a no-show, I'll contact all interested parties by PM to get mailing addresses and provide the amount needed for shipping.  After that, if there are more ground throws left, I'll leave the offer open for a while.

If anything above is unclear, or you have questions, just lemme know.


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  Weekly Photo Fun 8/7 - 8/13/20
Posted by: bdw9535 - 08-07-2020, 03:28 PM - Forum: Shutterbug area - Replies (11)

Engine House at Mannheim Yard, August 7, 1981.



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Posted by: Tyson Rayles - 08-05-2020, 06:02 AM - Forum: Upper Berth - Replies (5)

There is a member at RR-Line that wil be building this. I posted a video by Luke Towan (a very outstanding modeler from down under) on this system. Mangorail does add a new dimension to a layout. I hope you enjoy, his work is so realistic it is scary. You can click on the button to skip the commercial.


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  Weekly Photo Fun 7/31/20 - 8/7/20
Posted by: UP SD40-2 - 07-31-2020, 02:47 PM - Forum: Shutterbug area - Replies (10)

HA HA! I was able to start this weeks WPF thread FIRST this week Icon_e_biggrin 

SD40-2T on point with a few hoppers rolls through Rock Valley...
[Image: vAkc5aX.jpg]

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  Caboose mystery
Posted by: cnrglen - 07-30-2020, 06:03 PM - Forum: HO Modeling - Replies (3)

My friend recently inherited this vintage caboose and both of us have come up short trying to figure out the manufacturer and prototype. Can anyone help us out?

[Image: 202073020141_caboose_cr.jpg]

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  Bridge collapse and train fire in Arizona
Posted by: ezdays - 07-29-2020, 08:48 AM - Forum: Upper Berth - Replies (13)

Just in case this hasn't made the national news, there's a fire on a truss bridge in Tempe, Arizona, about 20 miles from where we live and where I went to school. The bridge had about eight spans across the Salt River which is dammed up to form the Tempe Town Lake. From what I can see, one span over land has collapsed and there's about seven cars on the ground or hanging off the tracks including three or four tank cars. None of those are burning. Five of the spans over water are burning and two or three centerbeam cars with lumber are on fire and you can see the burning lumber falling from the cars. They are dealing with the collapsed span and one other that they can fight from the ground and are waiting on a helicopter to help fight the spans over the water. This bridge is around 100 years old and has seen it's last train for sure. So far no one has said if the bridge collapsed first, or if a car fire or derailment is what started this. It is spectacular to watch and that's all that's on the local news right now.

This is Don Day bringing you the latest news from the "Eye in the Sky", (a local station's catchphrase), more news at noon....

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  Weekly Photo Fun 7/24 - 7/30/20
Posted by: bdw9535 - 07-24-2020, 03:20 PM - Forum: Shutterbug area - Replies (11)

WPMA-17 picks up several hoppers from Agway.



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  Any Decoder pro + Digitrax + Mac wizards? SOLVED :)
Posted by: ratled - 07-19-2020, 11:34 PM - Forum: DCC - Replies (4)

Looking for help with Decoder Pro, with Digitrax, via Mac/IOS.  I am unable to get the Decoder Pro to work with Digitrax even though it says it its there.  When I try to intact either through the program track or on the main I get a error message for a failed to get a response from the command station.

Mac - Mac Book Pro 13 running Sierra 10.12.6

I have the latest JMRI - ver 4.20

Digitrax - DSC50  through a USB Locobuffer II.  I have the latest LBII USB drivers as well

What I missing here or doing wrong?


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