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  Weekly Photo Fun 3/27 - 4/2/20
Posted by: bdw9535 - 03-27-2020, 02:22 PM - Forum: Shutterbug area - Replies (7)

WPMA-29 works McFroe's Warehouse.



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  Happy Birthday Duffy
Posted by: ezdays - 03-27-2020, 06:08 AM - Forum: Hobo's Camp - Replies (5)

All the best wishes to you
PAT (our illustrious webmaster, Duffy)
Have a very


train train train train

548 548 548 548

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  Slate Creek Industries.
Posted by: Brakie - 03-26-2020, 06:55 PM - Forum: Industries Along The Rails - Replies (6)

After several weeks of research here is the planned industries for my new 94/95 Slate Cree ISL.. These are based on real industries.

Tri-State Polymers. In plastic pellets and plasticizer. Out: empty covered hoppers and tank cars.

Pattons Distribution. In tobacco and alcohol beverages.  Out: 50 and 60' boxcars. 

Weston Manufacturing. In Steel coils and occasional empty gon . Out Empty coil and mill gon. A occasional  load  of production scrap in 50' gons.

Zimmers Frozen Foods. In meats and vegetables . Out: Empty 64' reefers. 

Hunnicut Printing Corporation In rolls of paper and ink.  Out: Empty 50' boxcars and tankcars.

Standard American  Recyclers Inc. In scrap rubber and empty covered hoppers. Out: Empty 50' boxcars and covered hoppers of rubber graduals.

Considine Industries. In Carbon Black and a occasional empty 60' boxcar. Out Empty carbon black hoppers and occasional load of rubber automotive floor matts in 60' boxcars.. 

Mid State Tire Distribution. In automobile and truck tires in 50' boxcars. Out: Empty 50' boxcars.

Reliance Universal In  canstock and empties. Out: Empty 50' and  loaded 50' boxcars of  food cans.

The Transload track is still in the planning stage and will include a lumber and home improvement company, structure steel shape distributor and  a crush glass shipper.

The new Slate Creek will be 18" x 16'.. I plan to include a trailer drop lot, two street crossings-where's the fun if you don't block street crossings during switching moves?- and a three track yard for holding cars for Tri-State Polymers and Hunnicut   Printing.  

Slate Creek will be home to Summerset Ry, Slate Creek Rail and CR's  Slate Street Industrial Lead which of course is fictional. I  have several CR GP38-2s, 2 SD38s and a SD40-2.  I might add NS Slate Road Industrial since I have two Atlas NS high hood GP38s.. 

Back on SSRy the owner a Mr. Thoron owns several locomotive lettered for SCL, Seaboard System  and a C&O RS-1 all of these engines are stored serviceable and is used from time to time at his direction.  

He also owns a Santa Fe 2-8-0 that sees service two or three times a year.. A steam locomotive crew is hired from a local steam powered museum.  Mr. Thoron keeps his locomotives in a warehouse he owns that features two inside tracks. His long term plan is to build a three stall diesel house where the warehouse now stands. He also owns seven cabooses and a heavy weight observation that is stored on SCR.

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  Position of eccentric crank?
Posted by: FiatFan - 03-24-2020, 01:27 PM - Forum: Engineer's Technical Workshop - Replies (8)

I'm having a problem with a LifeLike 0-6-0 switcher.  It will run ok in forward but when I go to reverse the eccentric arm moves out of position and locks up the engine.  I'm suspecting that possibly the eccentric crank is out of position.  On both sides of the engine the eccentric cranks are offset from the centerline of the axle.  The one that keeps locking up appears to be very slightly more offset from the centerline that the other one.  Where should the eccentric crank be positioned in relation to the centerline of the axle?  I've looked at images from the internet til my eyes are blurry and can't really tell for sure.  Some appear to be aligned with the centerline of the axle others not so much.  I always bring the engine to a stop before reversing direction.

Any information, suggestions, and/or guidance will be greatly appreciated.


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  Weekly Photo Fun 3/20 - 3/226/20
Posted by: bdw9535 - 03-20-2020, 02:26 PM - Forum: Shutterbug area - Replies (8)

No shortage of toilet paper during March of 1997.  Hope all are well.



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  Question about the proposed economic stimulus
Posted by: FiatFan - 03-17-2020, 02:39 PM - Forum: Lower Berth - Replies (7)

This topic may be too political and if it is please delete it.

As I'm sure you've heard a $1 trillion dollar stimulus package is being proposed.  What is the point if people can't get out to spend it?  Yes, a lot of shopping occurs on line but a lot takes place in stores.  What is  the point of stimulating the economy if no one can get out to buy?

Not trying to start a flame war, just trying to understand.


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  'tis a Happy St. Paddy's Day ta ya all
Posted by: ezdays - 03-17-2020, 06:10 AM - Forum: Lower Berth - Replies (2)

Happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone. Keep a cool head if you plan on going to a pub. The local warning is to stay home. Don't know how that'll settle with those that wish to be Irish for a day though....


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Photo All Scale Rails Issue #24 2020
Posted by: All Scale Rails - 03-15-2020, 05:02 PM - Forum: Modular Modeling - Replies (1)

All Scale Rails
Issue #24
has just hit the internet!
[Image: All%20Scale%20Rails%20Cover%20Issue%2024..._72DPI.jpg]
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Included in this issue:
KMBS 2019 Show & Swap, Yellow Special, Trainfest 2019, John Tews Bio, WI&M Railcar Found, Domes Train Show 2020, Types of Couplers Circle Word, News Rant about Children's Medical Center Dallas to remove Train Display, LaSalle Freight Depot No.1 Blueprints & History, Snapshots
Visit us on Facebook & Twitter to stay up-to-date on all current events and newest product releases!
Come in and check it out!
Video Page
Striving to Preserve & Inspire,
All Scale Rails
Bonnie & Kevin

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  Weekly Photo Fun 3/13 - 3/19/20
Posted by: bdw9535 - 03-13-2020, 04:03 PM - Forum: Shutterbug area - Replies (13)

WPMA-40 makes its way down Division Street with one empty gondola for Hutch Scrap Metal.



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  doctorwayne's sorta one-foot challenge...
Posted by: doctorwayne - 03-10-2020, 02:46 AM - Forum: Contests & Challenges - Replies (25)

...although I doubt that I'll be able to stand on one foot for all that long.

Anyway, I've recently been doing some work on the lower part of my layout, motorising, and/or at least making a number of now hard-to-reach (because of the second level over that area) turnouts remotely controlled.  I'm using Rapido RailCrew motors for four of them, BluePoint switch devices for at least five of them (I have another 10 available), and, if I can overcome installation difficulties, four more using PFM/Fulgurex turnout motors.

While all of the above wouldn't seem at all related to this Challenge, the fact that I will no longer need to reach in to flip Caboose Industries turnout devices means that I can fill-in some areas which might benefit, visually, from having something there other than patches of Woodland Scenics ground foam.

The idea came to me just tonight (it's just past 3:00 AM here - prime time for doin' stuff that doesn't make too much noise), and I think that I can build a square foot's-worth of something to fill-in those vacant spots.

These first two photos show a couple of Train Miniature boxcars that were damaged when I was removing the original paint, in order to detail and re-paint them.  Both suffered large cracks in one side of the body, and while I cemented them back together, the flaws were still somewhat noticeable. 
Luckily, on an around-the-room-layout, the backside of most structures is seldom visible, although I do place the camera on-layout to get views which are otherwise unavailable.
I made one car into a shed for MoW crews and material, as seen here...


...and another into a temporary freighthouse for LCL shipments near the Elfrida station...


However, both cars were originally PRR X-29 boxcars, which were very prominent in my late '30s layout era (almost 29,000 real ones were built), and would not have been downgraded to such uses at that time.  Eventually realising that, they were given to a friend who models the '50s, for use as railroad outbuildings.

Here's the vacant area near the Lowbanks shop where the MoW shed stood...


...and the now-vacant spot in Elfrida...


Here's another possible site in Elfrida...


...and a place in Lowbanks, east of the car shop...


...and another west of the car shop...


This empty space, across the track from the oil house, which is behind the loco shop, will be the re-fueling site for the Bee, which calls for a tank of some sort, and perhaps a pump house...


I don't have any drawn plans for what will be built, but seldom do, so we'll see which spaces get used (all, I hope) and what ends-up in each.
The total area covered may exceed the 12"x12" limit though, in which case I'll simply choose the ones which come closest to that total...or maybe do them all as a cubic foot rather than a square foot.

Here's some of what I'll be using for materials, but I do have lots more from which to choose...



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