Lionel standard gauge engine 402

A friend of ours has an old Lionel standard gauge train that belonged to her husband. The engine is a Lionel 402. She asked my to look it over and clean it. The cleaning will be pretty straight forward but I have found that the insulation on the wires has hardened and much of it has fallen off. Before I get too deep into this I would like to have a wiring diagram so I don't make any errors when I replace the wires I hope to replace them one at a time but I have to remove the motor units and that means disconnecting several wires at a time. Does anyone have a decent wire diagram for this engine? I really want to take good care of it and get it done right the first time. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Olsen's Toy Trains has servicing sheets but they don't have wiring. Best make a drawing of how the wires are attached before you start.
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David, thank you for the info. I can gain some info from the diagrams you pointed me to. I have hand drawn some diagrams and have developed a plan. After studing the Super Motors I realze I must disassemble them to get to the brushes to replace the wires. I do not want to risk damage to the motors so I found another way to repair them. The original wires are intact but the insulation is so brittle that it simply crumbles between my fingers. I found some wire in my supply box which is slightly larger than the wire in the loco. I managed to slide the insulation off the larger wire and carefully slid it onto the old wires after cleaning off the old insulation. The end result is the original metal core of the the wire is still there but with new insulation. This process is very slow going but I have one motor done and it looks like it will work. Once I have the wires recovered I will clean the old grease and dirt out, relub the gears and bearing surfaces, and hopefully that will do it.

I found a date scratched into the metal under one end of the locl. It reads 12/13/29. It may have been scratched there by the original owner. Or it make be the actuall date of assembly at Lionel, though I would have thought the manufactuer would stamp the date rather than scratch the metal. I have never worked on one this old so I don't know.

Thanks again for your help. I will print out all three sheets and give them to the owner along with the locl. She appreciates old things like this loco and she would probably like the diagrams too.

Thanks again,

Another trick is to put shrink tubing over the old brittle insulation. That might be easier than salvaging insulation from other bits of wire. No need to shrink the tubing after putting it on.
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I have a 402e that I am re-assembling the motors and getting ready to reinstall totally at a loss to wire them to the posts and concurrently! Your post back in 2009 is the closest I can come to that may offer a wiring diagram for this awesome engine!

Could you share those 'hand drawn' wiring diagrams and any other advice from your experience? I am taking advantage of the advice presented on the wire insulation...

Thank you!

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