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Two bugs in SCARM were reported this month so far:

- "Integer Overflow" error message may appear in some situations when modelling flex-tracks
- Arrow keys in the 2D editor stop working after pressing of Esc key

All these will be corrected in the upcoming release of SCARM. If you encounter another problems, post a message about in this thread Smile

And here is the collection of Quick tips in the blog, that may be useful in your work with SCARM: Useful Quick Tips in SCARM Wink

Here are all the SCARM blog posts for February:

And finally, the new SCARM v. 0.9.24 is ready and published, coming with the long-awaited feature for true roads with grades and various surface markings! See more about it here:

SCARM v. 0.9.24 Released

Hope you will like it Wink

Please note that the new version has many parts with rewritten code due to the new roads feature and this may also introduce some new bugs. If you encounter a problem, write about it here with the steps that will allow me to reproduce and check it.

Mixy;268646 Wrote:This is the first tutorial in the blog about using of the new road feature:

The Roads in SCARM – Part 1 – Basic Usage

[Image: SCARM-roads-shaping-terrain.jpg]

More tutorials about roadways in SCARM will come soon Wink

And here are all posts in the blog from March:

Many users are asking about custom or double tunnel portals in SCARM track plans, so I prepared the following article:

Custom Tunnel Portals in SCARM

[Image: SCARM-custom-double-tunnel-portals-ft.jpg]

Hope this info will be useful Wink

Here are the blog posts for April:

And two new posts in the blog, that may be of help for some of you Smile

How To Make a Roundhouse in SCARM - if you want to draw a roundhouse in the track plan and 3D viewer like the one below

[Image: SCARM-Turntable-with-Roundhouse-HO-ft.jpg]

How To Speed-Up SCARM - if the program works slower when editing a very large layout

Here are the blog posts for May:

And the only one post for June: How To Make Circles / Cylinders in SCARM.

[Image: SCARM_circles-3D.jpg]

That may be quite useful if you want to represent nearly perfect standing cylinders for silos, water tanks, etc. Smile

Here are the only 2 posts in the blog for July:

One of them is for creating of custom roadway pieces and the other is showing how to simulate Bring to Front and Send to Back commands in current version of SCARM.

And the most recent post in the blog from this week. It describes the fast and easy way of making railroad crossings with the new roadway feature in SCARM:

The Roads in SCARM – Part 6 – Railroad Crossing

[Image: SCARM-railroad-crossing-4-3D.jpg]


Just wanted to say I have been using this for a little while now, great bit of software.

Thanks for creating this and letting us use for free!
Thank you, Jhock Smile

And here is the new SCARM v. 0.9.25, coming with new figures and many new and updated track libraries. Read more about it here:

SCARM Layout Software 0.9.25 Released

The two new figures are horizontal and vertical cylinders and will allow drawing of objects and rolling stock, like the small steam loco showed below:

[Image: SCARM-T3-steam-switcher-sm.jpg]

Hope all you will like the new version Wink

Several users reported for a problem with the new SCARM 0.9.25 after update. This is probably due to corrupted download of the installation package. It seems that sometimes installer is able to run even if it is not downloaded correctly, but after that, the program crashes on startup. If you also experience such problems, follow the steps described in the link below:

Resolving SCARM Installation Issues

And here is one nice gallery in the blog with very detailed SCARM screenshots, containing scenes from Indian Railways:

Farrukhabad And More From Indian Railways in SCARM

Here are just 3 of them:

[Image: SCARM_FB_007-475x300.jpg]

[Image: SCARM_FB_012-475x300.jpg]

[Image: SCARM_FB_006-475x300.jpg]

These were created with the old v.0.9.24 without the cylinder figures. The new v. 0.9.25 will be able to produce even more realistic landscapes for those, who are interested to create rich virtual layouts in SCARM.

silly question:
when planning out a track, how do I pick up and move a whole section of track?
When I hear the iron horse make the hills echo with his snort like thunder, shaking the earth with his feet, and breathing fire and smoke from his nostrils, it seems as if the earth had got a race now worthy to inhabit it.

-- Henry David Thoreau
Select all the tracks that you want to move, right click over the selection and use "Move" command from the context menu.
To select more tracks, you can use either selection rectangle or Shift-click over each track.


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