I have a problem I can't seem to shake
After almost 6 years of layout construction,my layout is for the moment done. The are some additional details that can be added but right now they are not important.
I have all the rolling stock I need for now,enough motive power,I'm satisfied with the industrial areas (these areas had been re-worked many times because I was
not happy with them) and the scenery elements work as well.
So,all this being and and I stated this in a blog 3 years ago it is now time to have some fun and run some trains. I have a system in place for
switching etc.
But wait- here's my problem,After all the time and effort I have put into my layout ,running trains seems to me to be not that important. Wallbang
So now my question is this-has this ever happened to anyone else and what if anything did you do to work through it? 35
Because right now my layout is saying to me-"here I am,run some trains" and I'm saying "whatever". Nope
I would like to know your thought on this issue and how you handled it.
"My railroad is a figment of my imagination"

I'm kinda' in the same spot...
Although not properly "finished", I have been putting off the day it is finished, thinking "What will I do now?"...
I've realized that the building part is more important to me than the running aspect...
So...What's the answer..??
Gus (LC&P).
I am in the same boat almost... Operating is important to me but there must be something to build too. In fact I spend more time building than operating the layout. But I hate it to have no functioning layout and to be forced to build only.
My preferred solution is a constant rework of the layout that stays mainly operational during the rework. Last winter was the operation interrupted for two weeks due to major trackage rework. All other reworks interfered with one or two tracks for an afternoon or so.
There are basically two types of rework
1. Change of the overall theme of the layout. I break it down into sections and work from right to left each section until it is all done.
2. Change of an isolated area only.
That method permits constant build and operation in parallel almost all the time
You are not alone by far. For me, I get far more enjoyment from creating than I do running trains. I've always maintained that from the get-go and I don't see that ever changing. I guess that's why I felt little sorrow when I took my layout down when we thought we were going to move, and it now lies in the landfill. It gives me a fresh chance at starting anew, creating a whole new world, and maybe, just maybe, I'll get the trackwork good enough so that I can run trains once in a while.... no guarantees though.

Don't feel that you're coming up short by not getting excited about running trains. Some can't wait to get their track in place to run on a sheet of plywood, some run elaborate sessions with engineers, conductors, dispatchers and waybills, while others of us are content to just create a world that includes model trains.....
Don (ezdays) Day
Board administrator and
Bob, I think you are finding out why it is called "MODEL" railroading, and not running small trains. I enjoy running trains when there is someone here to watch them, or others here operating, but the building is the fun part. I still have lots to build and lots to rebuild and make better so it will go on and on, but the days when the little ones are here and want to see Paps trains are what really makes it nice.
Now you know you are normal you will find running a pleasure when you do, you just don't have to. I enjoy setting up pictures too, and that is where all the flaws show up.

I'm pretty much the same...building is more fun for me than actual running. I think modellers can be broken down into those that prefer running and those that prefer building...and those 2 groups can be broken down to various subsets....such as those that prefer doing electrics over scenery, or prefer weathering to scratchbuilding, switching versus tailchasing etc., etc.,etc.
I really enjoy weathering the most, followed by switching....scratchbuilding or tailchasing leave me cold. Confusedhock:
I try to get in a half-hour of switching 2 or 3 times a week....but my layout is just a sceniced 6x1 simple switching layout that took 2 months to build....so even when I don't use it for months at a time I don't feel guilty about the time it took to build Nope
Gus,Reinhard,Don & Charlie-
Thanks for your replies. At least I know that I am not the only one with this issue.
Perhaps one day I will feel the need to run a train and switch some cars and that day may be coming soon
but time will tell.Until that happens it will be build,rebuild,details and scenery. Thumbsup
Thanks again
"My railroad is a figment of my imagination"


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