Bowser shaft size
Can anyone tell me what diameter shaft Bowser used on they're main drivers for the steam locomotive kits? I think it 2 mm but I am not certain. All my reference stuff for Bowser has been pack away for our upcoming move.

I think they weren't metric - 1/8"? A quick google search seems to confirm this, but hopefully someone has one they can measure.
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Yeah, Bowser and pretty-well all North American-built steam models (MDC, Tyco/Mantua) use 1/8" for drive shafts and driver axles. NWSL sells it in various lengths and they also offer couplings to connect metric-sized motor shafts to SAE-sized gearbox input shafts, and complete gearboxes, in various ratios, designed specifically for Bowser locos.

Doctorwayne, NWSL is why I asked the question. I want to pick up one they're aligner tools. Needed to know the shaft size for that. Thanks guys for the clarification.


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