Looking Back.
I will be doing a "looking back" blog covering the 60 years I been in the hobby..I will include my adventures,misadventures,mistakes made, some club,railfan events and my personal thoughts..

60 years is a long time to be in a hobby and where to start isn't a easy question to answer. I suppose I could start with my mentor but,I shall leave Dad for another installment.

I will mention I come from a family of railroaders that includes both Grandfathers,my Dad,all his brothers,and my uncles on my Mother's side.My Mom worked as a clerk typist and a aunt worked as a secretary and as many of you know after graduating high school I followed the family tradition and hired out on the PRR.

One of the biggest influences on me was the Columbus Model Railroad Club that was located in the basement of the A & P store on the corner of Rich and Third streets.This store building started life as a interurban station.

I started visiting this club in 1960 and would return every "visitor night" which was the second Tuesday of the month..After several visits I was allowed to run trains across the layout..I was hooked and of course being 12 years old I was to young to join by 4 years...I suppose they got tired of seeing me as a visitor because at the age of 15 I was handed a membership application- around 10 months before my 16th birthday.

Now I turn to a place that I went every Saturday morning without fail..Frank P. Hall Hardware store 185 S. High Street. You see in the basement was a well stocked hobby shop and a gathering point for the faithful every Saturday morning since that is when Charlie Lewis (the owner) would reveal new models..There was lots to see and the discussions on model projects and layout progress was the highlight.Young modelers was most welcome to join the conversation. I kinda wish I could revisit one of those Saturdays.

I must mention back then my mode of transportation was my Schwinn bicycle or a city bus-some times a trackless trolley.

Part 2 will have model trains and such.

Summerset Ry

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Fun read! Sixty years is definitely a long time for a hobby. I've only been serious with my model railroading maybe twelve years and I wasn't able to stay with it full time for that long!

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