Heads up on our Gallery
We've been warning everyone that our gallery is unstable and subject to being removed. Over the past few months, we've reduced the number of photos there by over 80%, but we still have almost 750 images still in there. Our webmaster, Packey, tells us that we are overdue for a software update, and when he does that, it will be too difficult to be able to keep our current gallery. Once that happens, everything that is left in our gallery will be lost. We are asking once again that anyone that has anything in the gallery that they need to save, that they download it to their computer. If they have a post that links to an image in the gallery that should be saved, you need to let us know and we will help you attach that photo rather than link to it. We also recommend using Photobuckets or another photo-sharing site to store your albums in if you need to store them somewhere other than your computer.

We may in the future implement a new gallery that we know will not cause problems like the current one has. We will not do that unless we are assured that it will be able to be updated easily and won't cause our forum to crash, or shut down like the current one has in the past.

I suggest that you save any photos in that gallery that you need to, and let me know if you need some time or help. Otherwise we will begin to take down the gallery sometime before we do the next software update.

We apologize for this, we were not aware of the difficulties this would present and it boggles our mind to think of how difficult someone made it to update the current gallery or that it could cause the problems that it has. Our webmasters should be commended for keeping things running right because of this. Worship Ngauger and I sincerely hope that we find something to replace it soon. We will keep you posted....
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